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Friends, veterans reflect on legacy of troop greeter Bill Knight

Subdeacon Joe

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BANGOR — Bill Knight was at Bangor International Airport at 2 a.m.
one day in 2004 when filmmakers Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly first
met him. He was standing in the hallway, shaking hands with troops.


Just hours earlier, doctors told Knight he had prostate cancer,
Gaudet and Pullapilly said. That didn’t matter much. He wasn’t going to
miss the chance to greet and shake hands with troops while shouting,
“Welcome home, heroes!”

Knight, 91, died on Christmas Day at the Maine Veterans Home in
Bangor. Gaudet and Pullapilly were at his bedside for part of the day.
The couple created a documentary, 2009’s “The Way We Get By,” that
highlighted the story of Bangor’s Troop Greeters. The film received
international accolades, and Knight was one of its focal points.

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When my unit deployed in '08, we flew Ft. Hood to Bangor, then to Shannon Ireland. I do recall there were greeters there, even for the outbound units. I'm guessing he was among them.

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