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Team SASS Phase II Needs State Directors

Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

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The national strategy for Team SASS Phase II is simple: to peacefully, politely but forcefully confront and impress upon politicians at the local, state and national levels that SASS gun owners are not going away and we refuse to tacitly swallow ANY anti-gun actions at ANY level. We are here, we are free, we are avid patriotic Americans, we are gun owners, we contribute to the fight, we know the constitution, we know our unalienable rights, we support solid constitutional conservatives and we most assuredly vote in large numbers!


I envision SASS members initiating Phase II activities through numerous groups nationwide--small or large in number, whatever size groups can be arranged. Within their locality and state they will attend town halls, rallies and personal meetings with their elected representatives to avidly support our single issue of gun rights.


To successfully execute this Phase II national strategy we must be well organized within each state. Fortunately, SASS is already structured for success via our local Cowboy Clubs. Team SASS intends to use that existing configuration as the foundational basis for our Phase II decentralized approach and our Team needs YOU if we are to successfully execute that plan.


Such an organizational structure wouldnt require all the members from each of these clubs to be involved but just 2 or 3 as an example, who have the fire in their bellies to make a difference. The critically important lynchpin of this plan however is having a solid leader for that state!


Our concept is to identify Team SASS State Directors (TSSD) in as many states as possible. The role of the TSSD will be to lead this effort within their state, contact and stay in touch with representatives of as many clubs as possible and enlist those who have the requisite enthusiasm for and dedication to our cause. These leaders will provide the motivation and coordination for the club representatives to actively confront politicians and push our single issue agenda of supporting the Second Amendment. They would be the official SASS representative between their state and Team SASS HQs.


Sackett, SASS# 22531, was the first to volunteer as a TSSD for his state of Utah. He is a perfect fit for this position as he is well known, enthusiastic, well connected and has the fire in his belly for the struggle. He is a very motivated activist for the 2A.


If you or someone you know is serious about fighting for America's freedom to keep and bear arms and who may be interested in being a Team SASS State Director, please reply to this posting with your alias, SASS# and email address. If you prefer not to place that information on our open forum, please email me at: coloneldan@bellsouth.net.


In my view, the need for these leaders is so important that if the right people dont step up to the call, our Phase II National Strategy will be seriously degraded.


Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from many of you as we continue this decisive fight for freedom together.


Soldier on

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I will help in Idaho.

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I'll step up in Wisconsin.


Doc Potter


TG Wisconsin Old West Shootists




I will work with Doc Potter in WI.

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I'm not sure this is anything more than what I already do here in New Hampshire and have done since the assault on our second amendment right began in earnest a year ago by contacting the SASS members I personally know who will help fight and have fought with me to defeat onerous anti-gun legislation that has been brought before the NH Legislature and defeated. If being a SASS sanctioned TSSD for New Hampshire gives me the official use of the SASS "brand" label and the national organizational weight of it's use when contacting NH legislators regarding future gun legislation then I'll accept the responsiblity if you and they agree to have me represent them.

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Colonel Dan I would be privileged to be the TSSD for the State of Louisiana. Anytime I see information either fighting for or against our 2nd Amendment I have sent it out to our cowboys and to both our State and Federal Officials. This asking them to vote for or opposed to the bills up for vote. As you know Louisiana has some of the strongest laws upholding the 2nd Amendment in the Country and we hope to keep it that way. I have direct emails to our Federal officials always asking them questions of concerns as they also tell me about what they are working on to help this state and if I approve of how they are doing.

Tumblin Tom 69009


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Howdy Y'all!


As a NRA Board Member, Vice President of the New York

State Rifle and Pistol Association and Patron Life Member

of SASS....


I would be honored to help in New York.




Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.

SASS #62617


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Texas is a big place. I will gladly step in to assist Buckshot Rob.





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This is super!!! I'm currently in GA for the state match there and will be home on Tuesday. I'll make all these volunteers official at that point.


I thank you very much. I salute you all!!!


Colonel Dan

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I'm not as well known as many others out here but I'll throw my hat into the ring for Massachusetts.


Contact Buck Masters @jclifford6@aol.com.


I still have a tight work schedule but I promise to give it my best shot.


Maybe even pick up a new buckaroo or two along they way.




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Colonel Dan, as a NRA life member and long time SASS shooter I am willing to represent Ohio. Being retired also gives me the time to do the job.


7 Mile Tom

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