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Which Mothers to Follow?

Subdeacon Joe

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Yesterday’s announcement
that Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) has merged with Moms Demand
Action for Gun Sense in America (MDAGSA) came 24 hours after a local Fox
station in Cincinnati reported about the rising number of women – including moms – who are arming themselves, and it causes a dilemma: Which moms should the country believe?

MAIG, with about a thousand members and MDAGSA, claiming an estimated
130,000 members, may have some formidable opposition, according to
statistics provided by WXIX/Fox19 reporter Hagit Limor in Wednesday’s investigative piece.

Limor noted that, “In 2005, a Gallup poll found only 13 percent of
women in the United States owned guns. By 2011that number had jumped to
23 percent and it continues to grow today.”

Cincinnati is not an isolated case. The Cortez, Colo., Journal
newspaper reported the other day that the Montezuma County Sheriff’s
office has seen a spike in the number of concealed carry permit
applications from women, more than ten times the number reported in

Earlier this year, New York Magazine did a piece on “The Rise of the Female Gun Nut,” and in August, The Portland Phoenix did a piece that discussed the rising trend of female gun ownership, and the phenomenon has also gotten attention from CBS News.
Women & Guns magazine, owned by the Bellevue-based Second Amendment
Foundation (SAF), reports estimates ranging from 12 to 17 million women
gun owners in the country today.

One of those would be Emily Miller, whose book “Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants To Take Yours
is becoming something of a cult favorite. Miller is the petite senior
opinion editor for the Washington Times, and a real scrapper when it
comes to debating gun politics with the likes of CNN’s Piers Morgan and
other anti-gunners. Her story of dealing with Washington, D.C.s anti-gun
bureaucracy simply to exercise a constitutional right has earned
critical praise within and beyond the firearms community.

Miller wanted a gun after coming face-to-face with a burglar in the
home of a friend. Her story is both gripping and frustrating, as one
realizes many in government do everything they can to discourage
citizens from exercising their right to keep and bear arms.

So, which women provide the more practical role models, the ones who
are arming due to “concerns over their safety or the safety of their
families,” as WXIX’s Limor reported, or those like Jennifer Hope, an
MDAGSA chapter leader in Colorado who talks about “gun reform” and “gun safety” as though people don’t realize these are mere masking phrases for gun control?

That MDAGSA has merged with MAIG might raise some eyebrows. According
to SAF, the Mayors group, founded by billionaire anti-gun New York
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Tom Menino back in 2006 has
some dirty laundry in its background.

One of its members was convicted of attempted child molestation and
luring a child for illicit purposes. Another was convicted of possessing
child pornography. Others have been convicted of such things as
bribery, assault, racketeering, embezzlement and extortion. No group
should be judged by the misconduct of a few people, including gun

As noted above, MDAGSA claims 130,000 members, while there could be
as many as 12 million to 17 million female gun owners. MAIG claims more
than 1,000 members, while there are about five million members of the
National Rifle Association, another 650,000 to 700,000 members and
supporters of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
and SAF, and even accounting for lots of membership crossover, that
puts the number of active members probably in excess of six or seven
million. Which numbers potentially represent broader diversity?

Like other anti-gun groups, MDAGSA appears to be working off the same
agenda. They want so-called “universal background checks,” they want to
ban so-called “assault weapons” and original capacity magazines, and
require “product safety oversight’” on firearms, as if any of these
things will prevent a crazy person from committing a mass attack, or
stop a thug from pulling an armed robbery.

On the other hand, it appears millions of women have adopted a
different strategy. Instead of talking in platitudes about crime,
they've decided to fight back.

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I saw that merger letter. here is what it means to me... Successful organizations RARELY merge. That says volumes right there for both feeble groups. Next, Bloomberg is not getting his ROI for the spend he pumped in, so he is asking for $$$ contributions. I would think that he is growing tired being the sugar daddy and footing the bill for no results. Then, the organizations had to merge because they are ineffective.


Will they fade away or remain a nuisance? We shall see.


They look sort of lame now and it is really hard to be an active member of a lame organization.

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My great grandmothers were active hunters,my mother hunted and gave me an original S&Wem Mag revolver (pre Model 29) and gave me a Colt Government Model .45 ACP 1911A1 when I joined the Marine Corps. Once I became a MOS 2572, Cryptologic Analyst and only those cleared or a Major General could get into my stuff :-) I carried my own .45 until I left for college and a little work for an agency. :-)


My spouse even went deer hunting with me on our honeymoon in Hawaii of Molokai. We never missed an opening day and took our children with us

starting with my eldest at 4 months in his blave orange bunny suit! :-)


My daughter-in-law visited me and shot a .22 rifle, revolver and pistol plus my .45 ACP 1911A1.She put them all in the black at 25 yards. Now, she is suppoortive of his plan to buy a hunting lodge in Northern Minnesota.


I have coached girls in the BSA's Sea Scout programme for fifty years and have found them to be great students and real supporters of the 2nd after becoming proficient with firearms.


Any female that is anti-gun is a female that has not experienced fun with guns. Everyone should get off their keisters and help the distaff side with firearms! :-)

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