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Calling all Waddies


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:D Hello, the Waddie Group-----


Just found out we should be there by Tuesday at the latest. Silvermane and I are taking off from SF Bay area Friday night and probably stopping 2 nights on the way. So, somebody tell Pigpen I may be able to work sooner than planned.


BIG QUESTION---- I normally dress B-Western, but will bring some dresses (just so's you all see that I really do have legs). B-Western includes my rig and guns. Logic tells me waddies probably shouldn't wear guns around camp when we're working, but I'd like to know for sure, so I can leave them home if necessary.


Thanks, all. I'm getting so excited. ;);):D Are we there yet? Are we there yet? ;)

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Generally speaking you don't have to wear your guns around while you work, but some people do becuase they like to. Personal preference.


As stated on the "Waddie Shoot" thread, you may not need your firearms to compete in the waddie shoot, or you may, at this point we have to say we don't know for sure so you need to decide what would be "best" for your situation.

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Pie Crust: Waddies can wear guns use you own good judgement as to when you want to wear them some jobs lend them selves others don't.


Don't forget that there is a Waddie EOT match which you are welcome to shoot your own guns or use the ones supplied alpog with the ammo,if you use your own might wan't to bring your own ammo just incase they don't have what you need.


See the wire post on Waddie shoot for more info


Lucinda Lill and I are leaving Santa Clara on the 10th see you there.

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:D Thanks, y'all, for the great advice. Was afraid that since I'm in Reception/Hospitality group that there might be some *&^$$#^% liberals from Republic of Kalifornia who might object to me being charming and wearing irons at the same time. ;)


Bighorn: I am planning on shooting the Waddie shoot, so being charmin' and shooting'---easy for me!!!! See you and Lucinda Lill in less than 5 weeks!!!!


Am I right?----about 33 days!!!!!!


Let's get this thing going and start having fun---------are we there yet? are we there yet?




are we there YET? :D

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Dang FF 'n LLC, we is a waitn' fer ya ta git here! Ya'll talkin' sumuch 'bout this, ya even gittin' the ole man 'cited!


FF, bring Cookies, LLC bring libations, we gonna have a hell of a time. Last year was the first ( worked 'r buns off). This year is gonna be sum fun.


Really lookin' forward ta workin'/partyin' with mah Pards.

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Today is the day we have been waiting for we are on the road to EOT be there Sunday the 11th.


See you all when you get there drive safe.

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Well we are almost packed....


I had to go to work today......one of the people quit and gave 1 days notice.. :D Scheduled changed. B)


Oh well, such is life. I'll deal with it when I get back


I am now on vacation until 5 July..... I will be enroute to Founders Ranch....My cell phone broke.....Rocky Meadows will be there.......I may need a haircut! (I can ask)....Fancy is brining COOKIES......Pie Crust is bringin apple crisps.....Crykeeper will be there.... Rancid Roy may bring his avatar out with him!


Let see.....


way too many pards to name on the wire.....ALL GONNA BE THERE. :D




Right now - life is good. :D


Be safe, have a good trip and I will see all of you at the Silver Anniversary EOT!


LLC and Jes Pepper B)

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See you on Thursday or Friday (when ever you get in).


Gonna have to settle for a margarita, since the blue bird of happines broke the bottle of gin we were bringing for your Tom Collins!




I like your pard CryKeeper, seems like a real nice alias he has gotten hisself.


(looks like it's spreading :D )


Last Post....


Sure wish Mayo, Pat, Ivory, and some of TC's were going out also...




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I guess all us "newbies" have the same problem as Rev. Read (least I do)...can't remember what day is the first one I signed up fer. Can ya tell me what day I'm expected? :D (Next time I PROMISE to make a copy afore I send it)


Thanks, Eve Nenjoy

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Howdy the Camp,


Wow, sounds like I'll be late arrivin' as usual!


All I got to do now is pack the trailer, got my waterproof duster, like last year,

and pull out in the morning.

Hope to arrive at the Ranch about midday on the 14th. If'n you don't see me

by nightfall, I musta fell into a chuck hole or the Grand Canyon.


Or it could be that my rig started falling apart. This is the Maiden Voyage of

my modified Chinese trailer and home made hitch on the Road King.


I'll be praying all the way! :D


Happy Trails, till........


Southpaw :D

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Eve Nenjoy -


I don't have your application with me but you can start the day you get there by going to the Waddie Shack located next to the SASS tent. Someone there should be able to help you with signing in or any other information you need. If no one is there ask at the SASS tent for Drago, Tess or Fancy Free.


If you just want to pick up your package and start later, then that should be okay as well.

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