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  1. Roy B, Please, for your wife's sake, do NOT let her shoot on those target stands unless you put them out at the SASS recommended distances! I agree with everything that Coffinmaker, C. Culpepper, Sedalia Dave, Snakebite and Titus A have said. All others have just been lucky so far. I and my wife have quit shooting at our local clubs because they have moved the targets in way TOO CLOSE, resulting in a doubling of the amount of splatter. We know this because we usually spend our time up near the firing line, spotting or resetting targets, etc. Those who spend their time back by their gun carts do not get the full effect. There are many factors involved in the behavior of splatter, such as bullet hardness, velocity, angle of shot, angle of target, etc. but they all produce ricochet and need to be controlled. There is a misconception that all the splatter goes down if the targets are hung to deflect it downward. In fact splatter goes in every direction, and is not seen when the targets are far out. I have a scar from ricochet pistol bullet from a stand just like yours, that was used at EoT many years ago. I'm not telling you to scrap your stand, it's a fine piece of work, just use it at a safe distance. Southpaw & Hot Babe
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