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Gunner Gatlin, SASS 10274L

Teaching falsehoods - Distorting the 2nd Amendment

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That is amazing and even more amazing is that 4 supreme court justices voted against Heller decision. Incredible display of do not confuse me with facts, previous supreme court rulings or federalist #46, my mind is made up and I want to change law and history to conform to my beliefs on how the country should be run and what rights I believe the people should and should not have. After all having 21st century enlightenment (read product of liberal colleges and law schools in the 20th Century) I know much more about what the founding fathers meant than they did. Their period writings are really an effort in disinformation, they did not believe what they wrote. Having an intrenched belief that people were like bratty children, tell them one thing to cause the complete opposite reaction and behavour. We the founding fathers do not want people to be armed so we will say that congress has no power to infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. What more sure way is there for the courts to find the people do not have that right so that congress can make laws infringing on that right,we did not want the people to have. I swear the current liberal justices were incredibly smart to figure out just how devious and deceitful the founding fathers truly were.

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