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Unintended Consequences of Hoarding

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Am I a hoarder? I don't think so.When I started reloading about 7 or so years ago I bought primers and powder as I needed them.Then I thought why wait to run out then need another 300 or 400 to finish up.So whenever I went to my local choice for reloading supplies I'd buy a brick or two and maybe a pound of powder.Over the years I've accumulated 40-50,000 primers and several pounds of powder.As for 22's I have about 8-10,000 rounds of those that I've accumulated over many years,and when my Dad died I inheirited about 30-40,000 rounds of 22's.I've GIVEN away most of those to the Boy Scouts as well as at our range to folks with Buckeroo's and Buckerette's to use.Today I was at one of our Sporting good's stores and they had primers in stock for a change.I bought 2 ( that was the limit) bricks.Not for me,but for a friend from another town that is having trouble finding primers.Next time I see him he'll get 2 bricks of primers.I haven't had to panic buy because I was buying before the panic hit on ammo and reloading components.Does that make me a hoarder....I don't think so.

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