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Its not a download - but it is simple to do.

I do all my stage writing in MS Publisher.


Publisher has a shape maker for squares, circles, etc.

And then for anything specific that I cant create in Publisher or with clip art - Google images is your friend.


I have a page saved in my stage writing format - so I can just alter an existing page instead of starting from square one everytime.

i.e. the titles, text boxes, etc. are already where I want them to be.

And I have a page saved where I have made (and labeled) all of my target shapes.


Copy and paste - drag and drop.

Lay the steel - change the text and save as "May, June, July, etc Stage #___"

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I use Microsoft Publisher as well. You can use the circles, diamonds and squares to make targets and you can stack them up off the page and then drag them as you need them. Works great for me.



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