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"Firearms Equality" hat tip to Chicks on the Right

Subdeacon Joe

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List is not correct. This company says they're proud to sell to NY. https://www.exilemachine.net/shop/pages/we-ship-to-nys-33.html


Looks like they are saying they will sell to people in the State of NY which is different than selling to Law Enforcement Agencies or other arms of the State. I haven't been able to track down their statement that they won't sell to NY based LEAs, but I'm willing to take the word of the folks that put the list together.

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Guest ornery oaf

some of those names like Barrett, spikes, Bravo Co, Larue tactical and magpul sound tough not selling to the LE departments in occupied states but do you think they are gonna stop selling to the government the one responsible for all this- and loose their huge guv contracts?heck NO, thats a huge portion of their actual sales... big deal, they stop a few sales to a few departments, lets see them drop the big one. some names on that list are actually making a statement and should be applauded, some, when you know the truth, not so much. jmho, ymmv.

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well pards, the above post may seem arguementative..and I know this is not the place so I apologize and would edit it out but i got myself as a guest up there somehow..so, it is what it is.



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It's a start. If enough of them stop selling to State, County, City, Town, Township, Village, other other-than-federal-government agency, and if we can shame a few of the bigs into doing the same the threat at state level, which as Utah Bob points out is the more serious threat, will at least be reduced, if not go away.

Gotta start somewhere. It would be nice to see no sales to any federal agency except the military.

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