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Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

Senators Reportedly Close to Background Check Deal

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Senators Chuck Schumer (NY) and Tom Coburn(OK) are reportedly close to an agreement on expanded background checks that include most private sales. See Article here.


It's time to put real pressure on Congress and your state. The Congress--to kill this before it gets to a full vote and your state--to take a strong stand against it. Not only should we register our opposition in urging them to oppose "universal background checks" but promise to demonstrate that resolve by holding back campaign donations and your vote for any who support it! Why?


I have no heartburn over including the verifiably criminally insane in routine/established background checks but universal or expanded background checks that include private sales would require expanded government record keeping i.e.registration. This is just one more step toward opening the backdoor to universal registration...and we all know where that leads.


Stopping this before it gets to the "compromise" stage is the way to go. The left is always trying to convince us to compromise away just some small portion of a right we shouldn't even be discussing...as they always do. They then expand that "compromise" into far reaching areas never intended.


Incrementalism is the favorite tool in the ruling class' box of legislative schemes. Say NO now.


Call me paranoid if you like but I've been closely watching the political arena for over 40 years and like Yogi Berra always said, "You can observe a lot just by watching!"


Say NO now

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Resent my e-mail objections again today.



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In Florida Sen. Bill Nelson will not accept email letters. So, today I printed a letter and mailed it! There you go Sen. Bill Nelson!



The rest have received multiple emails over the last few months.

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