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Thinking of changing my alias

Come On Christmas

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I'd stay away from Kid Craven, especially as a 5th grade teacher. It would make you sound like a pedophile. Not good!


I've also liked your current alias and don't see a need to change (unless you're getting flak from a significant other. :)/>/> )


Naaaah. She is my lady Jailbait!

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I vote for Shameless Wind but you can call me Poot.


"They call me Poot"

That's too funny. My youngest son was born 11 weeks premie. When I saw him, I told the doctor,"He isn't any bigger than a POOT!" Buncha yankees (Denver) didn't know what a poot is.


He's 6'1 now and we all still call him POOT or Pootman.


To the OP: wear that alias with pride! We all live vicariously by it. I wish I had a $ for everytime I've used it as an example of funny SASS alias' when telling someone about our sport.

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You are one of the few who understands the inside joke. At 340 lbs. I am a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE. But, as a teenager to my 30's . . .



There's nothing inside about the joke. 90% of the SASS shooters I know are a legend in our minds.


I'd love to be as good once as I once was. :lol:

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