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Dillon Press help in Palm Bch Co, Florida

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I live in Palm Beach County, Florida, used to be active in SASS and am thinking of becoming active again. I have a Dillon Square Deal Press for .45 Colt.

The press is still set up in my office, but I haven't used it for quite a few years, and I want to start reloading again. However, I don't want to start until I can confirm that it is safe.

Is there anyone in Palm Beach County, Florida, familiar with this Dillon Press, who would be willing to come to my house and check it out, and go over it with me?

I would really appreciate the help.



Wannabe Cowboy :FlagAm:

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Call Dillon and they will "walk" you through it. That way you can learn. ;)

Why would you think that the press would not be safe from non-use?



Maybe safe was the wrong word. It doesn't seat the bullet completely, and I want to make sure that it still pours the correct

amount of powder. I know that Dillon is very good about their Tech Support, however, if someone who is familiar with this press could sit down at the table with me for awhile and go over the press, it would just be a big help. I'd feel a lot better about using the ammunition once the press was given a once over by someone more qualified than myself.

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Wannabe, here is the Dillon Square Deal manual. It's only 16 pages so print it out and give it a good read. Then when you call Dillon if you have any further questions ... you'll be able to converse with the correct names of the part, etc ...


As for someone to sit with you, your best bet is an experienced reloader from your local club


Now, here's another option too ... pay my RT plane fare to Palm Beach, pick me up and I'll spend as much time with you as you need to be a 1st Class Reloader! :D

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