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A Message for Memorial Day

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Rows of White Crosses

by Kevin Mickel


There are rows of white crosses

Lined up in a field somewhere

Flying above them is a flag

But it's not from around there


The mighty fallen rest in peace

Dying in a land that was not their own

Bringing freedom to the locals

Winning them great renown


Where liberty exists today

You do not have to look very far

To find those rows of white crosses

Which will ever be the cost of war


They came not as conquerors

Not to take what was not theirs

But to give freedom to the oppressed

To them and to their heirs


They demanded naught in return

But came to do a job that had to be done

They asked for only a place

For those whose sacrifice the battle was won


Ye sons of freedom hold your heads up high

For today you have the peace for which your fathers did cry


But when the time is right

And you pass along your way

Tip your hat to those rows of white crosses

And to the American Soldiers who sleep beneath them to this day.

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