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FS: Ballisti-Cast bullet caster and 14 sets of molds. SOLD PF

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SOLD PF.The pictures show all the mold hardware, keys, spare cam followers, screws, circuit boards, thermo couple and wire, receptacle with wire and additional cooling fan. Everything in the pictured in the drawers goes with it.

The pictures show the legs lengthened and the brackets for the 50 cal ammo cans to be used as sprue/bullet catchers.

The machine was gone through and rebuilt about a year and a half before we quit using it, everything worked last time we used it, but I do not have a way to test it where it is. This machine was used for a full time bullet casting business and made very nice bullets, we constantly got customer compliments on quality. We had three casters in use and when we stopped making bullets we kept the best machine in the event that we ever started again. Machine would inlcude 14 sets of molds(4 molds each set)


- .32 100gr rnfp

.9mm 120 tc

.38 125 tc

.38 125 tc

.38 125 rnfp

.38 158 rnfp

.38 158 swc

38-40 180 rnfp

.41 210 tc

.44 165 rnfp

.44 200 rnpf

.45 170 rnfp

.45 200 rnfp

.45 250 rnfp

selling everthing as a package. Everthing would be available for pickup in Altha Florida. I am going to list on the SASS wire for a week then onto ebay.Asking $6000. According to what I've seen and the condition I have seen it in it's priced correctly. All machines take time and patience to run. This is a good one and I would not be selling it as a operating machine if it was not. See pics here http://s24.photobucket.com/albums/c18/fireball7709/caster/ there are two pages of them. SOLD PF.

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