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Prayers for All our Pards in the Southeast Tornado Zone

Rockridge,SASS #8763

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Lots of our folks and friends have had their lives threatened or impacted in the Southeast. Prayers needed for all of them. God Please watch over, comfort and give them strength.



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Here in Harvest Al. The tornados went about a mile north of my house again. The storms followed the same path as last April.

There was about 15 homes the where not damaged last April in one area, the tornados got those homes. In another area there was 3 homes left standing from the storms in April. They where hit this time. There is an abandoned Mobil home that has survived two direct passes from the tornados. This thing is right in the middle of all of these destroyed homes.

The damage is no where near what it was last April, but still bad.

Sadly some people suffered damageto thier homes again.

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