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Wells Fargo Strongbox


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Any pard out there have an actual, antique Wells Fargo strongbox? If you do, would you PM me, please. Thanks for the assistance. Sagerider

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Most so called Wells Fargo strong boxes found today are replicas or fakes by their construction.


From; Wells Fargo & Co. Express Agents, The Westbound Stage ®, Wells Fargo & Co Express Antiques For Sale


Inscription of WF strong box.


Pine wood with oak rims, reinforced with steel straps, seems to be the preferred material for the many different kinds of company boxes. The oak and straps were used to prolong the life of the box, to protect the box from wear and tear, and to deter robbery and pilferage. However, any wooden box could be opened easily with a good axe, or a blast from a shot gun. All of the company treasure boxes were made to strict specifications. Any so-called "Wells Fargo strong box" that departs from this appearance is probably a fake.


Image from their web page



Another nice photo of a replica



it even enlarges if you click on it.

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The Wells Fargo Bank has one on display, so they say.

It looks authentic to me.

Happy trails


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There is one I would love to find. The one that Wells Fargo lost back in 1853 that had $10k worth of gold in it that my Great-great-great-great-grandad shipped from CA to his Mother in WI. I cannot even think of what $10k at 1853 price would be worth today.

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well pard,

$10,000 at 20 dollar an ounce would be 500 ounces.

and 500 ounces at 1600(aint inflation somethin?) dollar an ounce

would be $800,000 dollars.

Now the real money would be if those 500 ounces were pre1853 us mint gold coin.

Those coins would be worth some REAL money.



ps check my math, Im still down a couple cups a coffee....

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