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Backup guns?

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Not too long after I bought it used, the hammer spring on my '73 snapped in half. Luckily I had my '92 in the car and was able to finish the match.


I usually shoot a pair of 2nd Generation Colts. I ALWAYS bring along a pair of 'original model' Vaqueros, just in case. I went a long time before I needed them, but last year, on two separate occasions, A Colt broke down. Once a trigger/bolt spring, the other time the bolt itself broke. The first time, I went back to the car and finished the match with one of the Rugers. The second time, the car was too far away, so I simply borrowed a pistol from a pard to finish up the match.


I am never a contender for any kind of awards, so changing guns mid match doesn't really bother me too much. Not finishing the match would. So the Rugers ALWAYS come along to every match.


Then again when my old SXS broke down a couple of years ago, I had three offers for loaners before I had finished the stage.

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I have always carried backups to matches, ever since I had enough guns to do so. Unlike others that have posted here, however, I am cutting down. In six years, my Beretta Stampedes have never broken down. I had a 73 break down one time and 2 Stoegers. Unfortunately, the Stoegers were both in the same match on the final day of the SW Regionals.


Now, the reason for cutting back: I just can't stand seeing a gun go unused. This personality quirk has caused me to do stupid things like switch from 45's to 32-20's in the middle of a regional match or alternate stages between my 73 and Pedersoli Lightning like I did yesterday. Talk about having your muscles suffer a loss of memory.


I decided, sometime late last night that I will only carry true backups(interchangeable with what I am shooting) from now on. There are plenty of guns available, but I may need to have another Stampede. Oh well, any excuse to buy another gun.


Of course, this personal problem could be addressed by simply having a little self control, but that's probably out.

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