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Uberti 1860 Henry Trapper For Sale -- SOLD--THANKS

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Hi Folks:

I find myself with four 1860 Henry rifles at present & I would like to sell a couple so........


Up for sale is a Uberti 1860 Henry Trapper (brass frame).SOLD


.45 Henry Image


18.5 inch barrel

45 Colt -- Holds 9 with 200 grain bullets or 10 with 160 grain bullets (if I remember correctly).

However--it holds 10 .45 Schofields, which is what everybody advised me when I bought it, & that is what I shot out of it.


I bought it from a guy who only shot 1 box of ammo thru it.

I gave it to Manatee right when I got it & he did the action work--everything except a short stroke.

Worked very well with 45 colts.


The Schofield has a slightly bigger rim and the last inch of lever travel was a little stiff, so I talked to Lassiter about it.

Lassiter took the gun and enlarged the face of the bolt just a hair so it fit the larger Schofield rim.

He also did something to the carrier so that if a little fouling got around it, the gun would keep running.

So it is slick & fast.


It has been used for all of 150 rounds -- 60 .45 Colts and 90 .45 Schofields.

It is in excellent condition.

I have $900 or so in it, so that's all I'm looking to get out of it.

Costs $25 to ship it, so I'm asking $925 shipped to your FFL.

No trades at this time please.


I love Henrys & had 3 of them.

Then Happy Trails (Gunsmith at The Smith Shop) decided to sell his personal Transitional Henry (a modified Henry with a loading gate). I had to have it, so I bought it.

So, now I have 4 of 'em & the Henry trappers became expendable.

That's why these little trappers are up for sale.

The Transitional Henry is more important to me than the Trappers.

They have been shot with smokeless only.

Cool little guns & they handle much better than their 24-inch cousins.

My other trapper & my two 24-inch Henrys are in 44-40.




This post is a spur-of-the-moment decision, so no pics until tonight.

Was planning on selling them, but had no timeline in mind.


It must go to an FFL unless you live in Ohio.


Thanks fer looking.


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Hi folks:

Have a possible taker on the .45 Trapper, but he wants to see pictures first.

I'll get them up later today, when I get home from work.

He gets first "dibs", because he contacted me 1st.

If you are interested, realize that you will be second-in-line.

Thanks for your support & stay tuned!


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Evenin DC:

Just waitin to hear from Numa.

Thanks for your patience pard.


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