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Smoky Mtn ShootOut (unofficial info)

Widder, SASS #59054

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I'm not the official score keeper, etc....


But from my observance as a competitor, here is some match info.


Deuce ran speed pistol FASTER than his World Record video.

4 plates at @ 6 yrds. Atleast 2 shots on each plate for a total of 10 shots. Deuce was clean in 2.36 seconds from the holster.


Speed rifle: 3 plates staged straight out from the shooter. One at about 9 yrds, another at about 13 yrds and the furtherest plate was at about 16 yrds.

Start on any plate for a continuous sweep for 10 rounds, starting at Cowboy Port Arms.

Deuce ran that clean in 2.62 seconds.....using a Widdermatic.


Now for some small talk of the match:

Top guns are runnin the first 5 stages in the 12 - 15 second range. And these are stages with movement. No stand and deliver stuff yet.


Plus, all rifle and pistol are 10 rounds each. SG varies, but mostly 4 per stage.


Red River Ray told me yesterday that its as close to a match of allowing the shooter to run as WIDE OPEN as possible and be on that 'ragged edge' of speed.


The most interesting item is the Sr GF category. All three of them are on the same posse with me. Although I ain't shoot SRGF, its great to watch these 3 hombres compete.

At the end of yesterday, it looks like only a couple seconds separate 2 of them in the lead. Too close to call for that one.


Doc Noper is shooting well. One little 'oops' yesterday but all in all, he's hanging good as a Top Gun.


Of course, Deuce and Duke Skywalker are having a pretty good match also. RRR is doing the same, according to info he gave me yesterday afternoon.


I don't know how Little Wing is doing. He's another Top Gun but I haven't heard much on him.


As for me, I collected 2 singles yesterday and looked like a newbie with my shotgun. Rifle and pistols are doing o.k. but with other JEDI GFer's like Doc Duncan, Fast Harley, Buck D Law, Pleasant, and a couple others in the fray, its really hard to tell whats going on. Forgive me for leaving out anyother names for GF but its 5:30 Saturday morning and I just wanted to share some small talk before leaving for the range.




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WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL?????? <_<:blush::rolleyes::lol:


Cheyenne, whu wunts tu no, and whu wishes heed bin thar, Coolpeppah B)

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