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1873 Timing Issues


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I have read how installing a short stroke can mess with the timing-how about changing the carrier or lifter springs? Thank You.

:rolleyes: I just installed some in my 73 slixsprings they may require a little fitting as mine did but no timing issues for me . Woodfox

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What Woodfox said. The springs are not a drop-in install. They will require you to file the ends to get them to fit right. Too long and the side plates won't go on; too short and they can pop off of the cam surfaces. You need to take a little off at a time and keep test fitting until right. It isn't hard, just a bit tedious.


The springs will have no affect on the timing though. The timing is controlled by the lifter arm and the links.

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The carriers are not all shaped exactly the same. Yes, changing to a new carrier can affect some aspects of the timing. Normally you can adjust the new carrier to match the critical dimensions of the old one closely enough to make it work. You could find that you have removed a little too much metal from the lifter arm during first fitting, and have to add a little metal back. Since the lifter arm does not have extremely high forces on it, if you need too you can solder shims to the pads of the lifter arm where adjustment is normally done. Usually the parts of the carrier that most need "fitting" would be:

* the cartridge return ramp (that ramp that forces the end of the second cartridge back into the mag tube)

* the back end of the raceway where the bolt enters the carrier - bevel enough to get smooth operation

* the shape of the top of carrier to get firm ejection at the right point as the bolt extracts the fired round


Springs, if not adjusted to the right tension, affect timing slightly, especially at speed. You normally have plenty of adjustment in any of the brands of springs to get enough tension to make the carrier snap into position. The wire springs are especially easy to tweak if you need a little more or less pressure.


Good luck, GJ

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