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  1. A picture of your old sight might help . I might have one . This is what I have . Woodfox
  2. We're shootin this Saturday at Stoney Bottom. se ya there . Woodfox
  3. Tim was a true gentleman both on and off the range I'm saddened beyond belief that he is gone . May he rest in peace . Woodfox
  4. We're shootin this Saturday check our website for all the details at ourcowboys.org Hope to see ya Woodfox
  5. And I with you as well as all the great people at Firelands
  6. can't make this one our club is having a gun show Saturday and I will be there . Woodfox
  7. Hey Cripple Creek ,

     Call 419-424-3400 or nate@buffalocartridge.com  He goes by Nasty Nate he would be the guy to talk to .


  8. Yep . That works for me, mine are 45 don't know if smaller caliber would make a difference or not . Woodfox
  9. Try this guy Buckingham's 731-559-4169 , 731-559-4357 , 501 Eaton-Brazil Rd Trenton Tenn.38382 Woodfox
  10. If that was the only bag he checked where was the ammo ? I thought it couldn't be in the same bag . They said he had 3 mags . Woodfox
  11. ​There's a special place in Hell for him glad they got him . Woodfox
  12. Congratulations to you and Kay what a wonderful Christmas time it will be . Woodfox
  13. Was your front sight catching on your holster since it was for a 5 1/2'' barrel ? I shoot 7 1/2'' guns and have Old West Reproduction holsters . I have used both straight hang and cross draw but the cross dray is straight hang. Woodfox
  14. He can keep His Levi's in Mexico where they are made I don't wear them . Woodfox
  15. Loading gate tab " If you buy a replacement reinforce it with JB weld mine has lasted over 10 years . Woodfox
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