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  1. Don't shorten the springs , the only way to lighten them is to reduce the O.D. of them. I also tried Ruger hammer springs and they didn't set off the primers . Just exercise your thumbs and have fun with that old gun.
  2. I had several of them used to shoot them nice little double never had a problem with them except the hammer springs are really heavy . Got rid of them when the TTN's came out . Woodfox
  3. The Shootout At Stoney Bottom is this weekend Sept. 13,14,15 the theme this year is Lonesome dove , all the information is on our web site at ourcowboys.org Woodfox
  4. Don't forget our 3 day shoot is next month still time to get signed up we promise a great shoot . Hope to see ya Woodfox
  5. The Sandusky County Regulators will be shooting this Saturday the 10th the stages are posted on our web site ourcowboys.org and any other info you might need . hope to see ya Wooodfox
  6. thanks for the reminder see ya in the morning Woodfox
  7. Looks like it's going to be Speed Shotgun for side shoot .
  8. Good to hear from you Faygo see you in September . Woodfox
  9. Sandusky County Regulators will be shooting this Saturday July 13 th. check our web site ourcowboys.org for more info hope to see ya . Woodfox
  10. If Sloe Moe changes His mind let me know as I'll take em too. Woodfox
  11. I had several of them used them for SASS until the imports started showing up .I agree with Prairie Dawg there are better choices out there . The last one I sold was a uncut 30" with very nice finish and I think I got around $325. for it the buyer just liked old shotguns . Woodfox
  12. Made the reservations back in December looks like we will be in Colorado in July . I do still like you guys and BTT for a great group to shoot with . Woodfox
  13. Can't make it taking granddaughters camping Woodfox
  14. Targets are up and painted I think we're ready Woodfox
  15. Sandusky County Regulators will be shooting this Saturday the 8th. in Gibsonburg Ohio check our web site at ourcowboys.org for more details. hope to see ya Woodfox
  16. Hey Cripple Creek ,

     Call 419-424-3400 or nate@buffalocartridge.com  He goes by Nasty Nate he would be the guy to talk to .


  17. Prayers and hope for a full recovery Woodfox
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