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Non-SASS gun question

Paladin Wolf

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My half brother past away earlier this year and I inherited most of his firearms. Sadly, none of them are useable for SASS except for a couple of 1911's that I plan to use for Wild bunch.

My question is this. Among all of the hunting rifles, semi-auto pistols and double action revolvers I got, was a Colt Targetsman in 22LR. I remember my brother shooting this gun and was impressed with its ability to drive tacks all day long. I am not a Colt person and semi-autos are not my favorite type of gun but I want to shoot this because it really reminds me of Terry. I just cannot figure out how to get the damn magazine out of the gun! There is no release button that I can find and I am willing to go "DUH!" when one of you guys tells me how stupid I am when you reveal the probably very simple procedure for doing so. I really want to shoot this gun and give it the love it deserves.

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Just like on the old Ruger Mk 1

I've got an old Mk1 that I pull out every couple of years to shoot, and I swear every single time it takes me a few minutes to remember how to release the magazine.

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