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Ed's Red Bore Cleaner

Buck D. Law, SASS #62183

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From a web article about mixing your own Ed's Red:

Sometimes called "safety solvent", aliphatic mineral spirits are used for thinning oil based paint, as automotive parts cleaner and is commonly sold under the names "odorless mineral spirits", "Stoddard Solvent", or "Varsol".

Might look for those products.


Here's one example of Stoddard Solvent being labeled Odorless Mineral Spirits, although the company whose catalog is being linked to is not the cheapest place to find this.




Good luck, GJ

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Standard Mineral Spirits, (paint thinner), is all I ever use in Ed's Red. Works just fine for me.



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Look up a local company that distributes fuel oil and gasoline for smaller customer base like farmers and such.

Ask for stoddard solvent or mineral spirits. It should cost about the same (maybe a little more) as gasoline by the gallon.

My local McIntosh Oil co. has an above ground tank with about 500 gallons in it on hand at most any time.

Oh, if you were to insist on the "odorless" grade, you will certainly spend a lot more for it. And it really isn't truly odorless, just less odorific.

I have seen the odorless described type on the shelves of paint supply stores in one gallon (squarish shaped) cans. It's a lot more expensive that way though.

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