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WTS/WTT Rifles in WA state-WITHDRAWN

Rufus Brady

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I’ve got a couple of rifles I don’t use any more and am thinking of getting rid of. For sale or trade. I am posting on several forums, so shoot me a P.M.

First, full-price “I’ll take it”, according to the PM time gets it. I reserve the right to accept any trade that catches my eye. All PM’s will be answered



First: Colt AR-15. H-BAR, heavy Sporter. Pre-ban. Includes hard case, 7 mags (I might have a couple more laying around-if so, I’ll throw them into the mix).

All mags are Colt or GI. G.I. Cleaning kit. Scope mount and Barska lighted reticle, 3-9 scope. This is a stock, all-Colt AR, made in 1978 according to serial number.

$1200 plus $60 shipping.

Trades: Preference will be given to any shooting condition Colt SAA or Bisley, a PAIR of Uberti Bisleys in 45 or 357, , or a Ruger International.

Will consider N-frame S & W, or (as partial trade) OM Blackhawks in 45 LC or 41 Mag or a replica Schofield or Russian in 45 LC.

All trades will be considered, so take your best shot.









Second: Pedersoli Rolling Block. 45-70 with tang sight. No pictures but can get some in a few days (will update). $750.00

Trades: OM Blackhawks in 45 LC or 41 Mag. Uberti Bisley, N-frame smith, or???


Octagonal, 28"


Sorry-mistyped caliber


Edited to add picture





Nothing anyone has offered has caught my eye, so I'm gonna let it rest for a while.


Thanks to everyone for looking.

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