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Flash Pan Dan

Improper Etiquette?

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you and your buddy have been out riding the range all day together and ya come upon this beautiful pond or lake.

(or, you could be out in your boat on a nice lake).


Anyhow, you decide to break out the fishing pole and relax. Your friend even volunteers to bait the hook for you but he decides that he is going to relax and not fish.


In return, you pick up the oar and bash him over the head.


Yep, sounds like the Cowboy way to me.....NOT!






I get it


its to complicated, fer the feller to try ta git his fisning hook


where the fish may be........even though he went, with the intention: to go fishing


yer right

dont wack him over it

dont wack him with the oar

that could be construued as



wm, are you working on speed runs this winter?????????????

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new idea from the vocies in my head


I had the pleasure of shooting a regionial shoot and possed with

Widdow Maker GF, Lassiter GF,

we had a two fisted blast

had either of them said, Madd mike, I am gunna sit this one out, its too complicated


I woooda razzzed em till the cows came home


with that being said

if a stranger on that SAME posse wood da "saT out" a stage;; cuz it was too complicated


I never wood-A;; said a worD to no-one


would I have asked the question on the wire


but the question was asked

and here we are


and as usuall, we should agree ta disagree in some cases

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I again thank you for your opinions. I asked for your opinions on this topic because I wanted to see how people would react to such an action. I definitely got an answer. I did not take comments like ‘weasel’ or any other analysis of character personally because you were expressing how deeply you felt about the actions described. And as I said in my second post the one thing I did not want to do was to badly affect anyone else’s day of fun. I will continue to address my concerns about the shoots I attend to the Match Directors, respectfully and with the knowledge that they do the best they can with a task that they volunteered to do and others didn’t.


If I decide to sit out a stage for protest or any other reason I will do so with as little affect on others in the posse as possible. But I will sit it out regardless of anyone’s opinion. You have to do what you think is right, accepting the consequences as they come, that is the cowboy way. In my opinion.





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