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Top Ten Western Movies

Marshal Max Henry

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Being a western movie fanatic I just got to put in my 2 cents worth. Whether one's choice is the best of the genre or not isn't important to me. I grade a western by the fact would I watch this movie once a week forever, I mean had to watch it every week at least once. Some westerns are real good once or twice a year. But the following list of movies I've probably seen 20-30 times or more except Shane, that one I've seen maybe a 100 times. Traveled to The Tetons in Wyo. stood on the ground that was in the movie, but that's another story.

1. Shane

2. Monte Walsh Lee Marvin version

3. The Wild Bunch

4. Lonesome Dove

5. Once Upon a Time In The West

6. Tombstone

7. Lawman with Burt Lancaster

8. The Professionals

9. The Searchers

10 Ride Lonesome


Hyman OldCowhand


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Looks like everyone has favorites and some of my favorite are with Tom Selleck, Robert Duvall, TL Jones, Sam Elliott, Carridine, Slim Pickens, Randolf Scott, R. Mitchem, John Wayne and my all -time favorite Ben Johnson. Just too many movies for me to list in order

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It seems that.. Open Range and The Unforgiven and Outlaw Josey Wales are on just about all. What surprises me is Tombstone being on so many i assume this is the one with Kurt Russel and Val Kiomer. This one did not impress me much nor tdid the Tom Selel flicks but to each his own. Clint Eastwood is my generations Best Cowboy. IMHO

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Me and the Younguns like Crossfire Trail a bunch as well thanks for all the other recommendations.


We too are going to get our money's worth out of our netflix account


Just thought I would share my experience to save you all some heartache .



I went head over heals for netflix and bought an apple TV and 3 Sony 570 BluRay players that like many BluRay players streams Netflix and a whole host of other Video on Demand sites


I must say when it workes the Sony had a better picture than the Apple TV but the Apple TV

blows it away in user Friendly function. the sony crapped out and shut it self of and when you go back to finish the movie you have to start from scratch and guess where you left off because the sony does not give you any image preview as you fast forward or rewind like the apple TV and my computer do. Also the sony was a chore to set up on the wireless network compared to the Apple and

because the sony had so much trouble staying connected the told me to hard wire it the the network.


So I did and the unit was defective and even after 2 hours with there top tier tech support

the could not make it work and wanted me to pay the shipping back to them so they could send me a refurbished unit.


I told them to stick it returned all 3 and ordered up an LG 570 and a Roku XDS instead I will update

you when the arrive with the comparison.


Overall the people @ nexflix have been great and I love the service. I wish a few more would be avaiable to stream but for 12.00 a month I get unlimited downloads and unlimited BluRay 1 at a time.


Thanks for now




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