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Shipping ammo

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I thought I saved the thread awhile back that had factual information about shipping ammunition through the post office. I can't find it and the search feature isn't bringing anything up. The Post Office website isn't helping.(me anyway)


I recall that an ORM-D label of some sort was required and that there may have even been a link to one to print off? Help me out here pards, I just want to ship some ammo.


My New Years wish is that we could "pin" or "sticky" some of these helpful items.

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You can NOT ship loaded ammunition through the post office.

Fired empty brass...Yes. ... No loaded ammunition.


You can ship UPS or Fedex.

You put the ORM-D labels on the box. USP has then available at the counter if you ask.

You may run in to a counter person who wants to know what caliber is in the box. You don't have to tell them.


All that is requires is that you fill out the shipping ticket and declare "Small Arms Ammunition".


I actually have that printed on the ORM-D labels I make.


If the counter person insists, ask for a super visor. When the super visor gets there, explain calmly that the counter person ask you what caliber. Then ask the supervisor for the counter persons driver's licenses information. You will be asked why or told they can't give you that information.


You respond with, If you want the calibers on the outside of the boxes as a thief shopping list, I want the clerks license number so when the ammunition goes missing they will be responsible for the loss.


That caliber is not requires on the outside of the box. Only ORM-D.


A signature is not required at this time at the receiving end.


And yes I go through this stuff every week with counter people. I have learned what time the good guys are on the counter and when not to bother going in. The supervisors really don't want me having them explaining their rules to their counter people.


I find it easier to deal with UPS over Fedex and I have not lost a single package in 13 years shipping lower 48.


Be prepared to open the box for inspection. I actually take my boxes in untaped. This is mostly because I still have to put the invoice in the box after getting the actually shipping cost. But the rules say they can inspect at will.


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