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TG Voting Process

Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

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That was my point, too. I believe this latest "controversy" over the TG Summit is really about the voting results and not how individual TGs voted. A 2/3 majority vote is fairly difficult to obtain. On the national level, think about how many Presidential vetoes get overturned by the US Congress--not all that many.




P.S. Allie: I like this thread. Thank you.



Would somebody be so kind and let me know what the; "I believe this latest "controversy" over the TG Summit", was? I have been away for a spell and every thing has changed on the wire. Can't find a thing.

sunvale pete

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Hi Pete,


The only item that passed was allowing the Burgess (1880 and newer) guns in B-Western. Some folks were irate that FCGF being an official category did not pass. Others were irate that removing the penalty for an empty in/on the carrier did not pass.


It was pretty much the usual venting by one side when their "pet" item did not pass. It reminds me of the call for chaps being required in CC. After it did not pass twice, they seem to have given up, after venting.


However, this time there was venting that all clubs were not, at least, sending in proxies and blame was being placed on non-voting TGs being at fault for things not going as some wished. Also, some thought that their TGs may not be voting their wishes as vote by TG is not disclosed.




Allie Mo :ph34r:

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4 or 5


I don't mind if people know how I voted for them. Out of the 40 shooters and 20 members of the range, we probably get maybe 10 or 12 who actually take the time to vote. If an issue changes too far from what was presented, I have been told to vote how it would best suit the club.



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IMHO, I would vote #6. Because sometimes the vote only reflects the interest of the Club and not the TG. At least that is how I always voted for the items when I was TG for two other Clubs (and the proxies I carried). I may have had a different view, but I always voted the Club way.


And to be fair, once I got to the Convention and obtained additional information that may contradict what was had in the beginning, I would call the Club board members and get a final discussion in before the Sunday vote. Just the way I intend to do now when I go to Convention.

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