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Best day shooting in 10 years

Big Jake1001

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I've been talking to Big Medicine #19 about going Fun shooting for a week. Today was it. He showed up with a friend who has just spent time doing 2 tours in Afghanistan. He's a nice guy who works with Eric. Steak and eggs... pancakes, coffee and we're off and running.


We left Anaheim Ca. heading to the top of the mountains in Idyllwild Ca. Nice little Alpine town 100 miles South-East of here. 5000ft.elv

I've been going there for 35 years to shoot in some of the most beautimus country. Great horse riding place too. had the place to ourselves.


Had the 'ol Suburban loaded down with table, chairs, 5 swinger targets..rams, turkeys, pigs, chickens, squirrels, rabbits and a GONG.

2 boxes of day-glow orange clay pigeons, ammo...lots of ammo and guns, lots and lots of guns. I took a Colt Lightning rifle 38-40 made in 1890, a Colt Bisley 38 40 made in 1902. I had never shot either of these new to me guns yet. Brought both smokeless and Black Powder. BOOM, love to shoot that stuff. Fire belching out of the short barreled Colt.


Also brought 3 Rugers, a 1955 flat-gate .22 single-six, a 1965 .22 Super Single-six, a 1969 .357 Black-hawk. Dead nuts accurate guns.

A 1952 Smith&Wesson K 22 Combat Masterpiece, (my favorite) and a little Beretta Minx .22 short. It hits a 6 inch GONG at 10 yards.


Eric brought a Thompson 1927A1 .45ACP with 5-30 round mags. FUN...FUN gun. Winchester '73 in .45 Colt. 2 Colt SAA .45 Colt 2nd Gen.

A Beretta .22 Bobcat, a S&W model 41 .22 and a 1720's Pirate Pistol flintlock...60sumpin cal.BOOM. Jerimiah loved us for bringing him along. He hadn't shot anything since coming home from the SAND-BOX. We shot and shot and shot. 3 1/2 hours. Only shot 25% ammo


Perfect day, perfect weather out, blue sky few white clouds, OUTSTANDING. Drove into Idyllwild for late lunch, fish 'n chips, pitcher of beer for my friends, diet Coke for me. I'm driving. Waitress remembered me being up there in August with my daughter and her boyfriend, we went shooting then too.


Driving down the mountain in the late afternoon 4:00 it looked like Heaven looking down on Earth. Then the most beautiful RED sunset

I've seen in 10 years around Lake Elsinore. Red sky at night, sailors delight, Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.


Driving back to Anaheim with a 25+ year friend and a new friend, I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to spend days like this with people like that. Cowboy Action Shooting since 1985, loving it, but days like this are the tops in my book.


Big Jake

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Hey Weedy; In the last 5-6 years, he's heavy into the Civil War reenactment with the Richmond Howitzers. Then 4 years ago he got into Pirate stuff, now 1 year doing Viking stuff. He still has all his cowboy stuff and I get him to come out about every 2 years. We go to gun shows together. He misses the OLD days of Coto de Caza.


Big Jake

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Sounds like a REALLY great day.


We're going again with different guns and lots of ammo. More trigger time than Cowboy Action shooting for the cost of gas.

I love Cowboy Action, but this lets us shoot all the guns we want and can't shoot at a match. 100 guns, gotta shoot 'em.


Big Jake

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