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Gunners under the radar

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Now...I have the mixed fortune to live in the Commonwealth of MA; there are some great things about that, and some definate drawbacks.


But I bought a new hunting cap this fall - camo brim, blaze orange top, and "Remington" across the front.


Dang, I get two distinct reactions in public. Some folks, especially female yuppie types, look away and give me a wide berth...that's OK - and sometimes downright hilarious.


But I am shocked by how many folks want to talk guns, hunting and shooting. The guy at the deli counter wants to chat about deer hunting; a dad with kids in the basket stopped me in the supermarket to talk about the recent show on Remy's liability problems; and today, the young fella at the Christmas tree stand offered to DELIVER my tree, seeing as how I was "a fellow hunter".


Man, I have renewed hopes for the future of this area. Now if we could just buy new Colts.....



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