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  1. I have a couple P320's - they have never been picky about ammunition. I've shot 90-147 grain no problems. Most practice ammo is 115 gr just because of availability, and works just fine. I personally would carry 115 or 124 gr hollow points to make sure velocities are above expansion threshold. I carry Federal HST or Hornady Critical Defense. Edit to add - for a fun large rodent round, I use 90gr Hornady XTP's at the upper level of recommended powder, and use them in a carbine.
  2. Earned mine in 1982, and my son earned his in 2012. He's active duty, and it's true you start one pay grade higher if you are an Eagle (or have other qualifying items)
  3. My better half was asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I feel pretty blessed and can't think of anything I particularly need. However, I have thought of getting a nice pair of grips for original Vaqueros (stainless). I was wondering what's everyone's favorite place for new grips? If they support SASS, all the better. Thanks and I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.
  4. Finagler is correct. Plus, how you put them out during a car fire is different, or rather, there is risk of the fire starting up again. More information and training that hopefully gets shared with fire departments.
  5. Found this from a friend https://www.redstate.com/stu-in-sd/2019/11/11/sure-see-remake-movie-“midway”/
  6. People are dissing the movie because a newspaper review got someone's rank wrong? I saw it, I enjoyed it. I give it a 6 out of 10. Possible minor spoilers below: It moved through events pretty quickly, from a little before Pearl Harbor, to Pearl Harbor, to the Doolittle raid to the intel on Midway to the actual battle. As someone said, there is not a romantic sub plot to muck things up. Some articles I saw said a lot of the historical aspects are correct, including the contributions of the 10 main characters. Though the actual battles are probably a little too dramatized. I think it could have done a better job of comparing the Japanese losses at Midway to the American losses.
  7. Well, let's see if I have this right. The gunfight at the OK Corral had the participants 6-10 feet apart. 30 Rounds were fired. 8 hits (26%) Morgan Earp in the shoulder blades. Virgil Earp in the Calf Frank McLaury - two shots, one in the head Tom McLaury - Shotgun Billy Clanton - 3 shots - wrist, chest, abdomen. Perhaps they should have used two hands.
  8. https://www.whsv.com/content/news/Lobby-to-end-gun-violence-outspends-NRA-by-over-half-million-564049341.html Anti-gun lobby, led by Soros, outspends NRA in Virginia. The Virginia elections today could be interesting to follow. There are many that believe it will set the stage for 2020.
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