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  1. To Answer you Question Yes , Had a Turk, Korean and Nigerian I served with. Now here is the Problem with your thought process and the current border issues . 1 They have zero ties to this Country they will do as they are told 2 There is a well know Somalian Terrorist that was responsible for Blackhawk Down attack , His son served in the Marine Corps and then took that training to use against us Mohamed Aidid look it up 3 So in your idea lets put the illegals in to military to serve and let them die well , as mentioned they have zero ties here no family . Here lies the Huge fault in your idea . PFC Goatherder from Panama has zero tire here now has training and a weapon . (That worked well in Ft Hood For Major Hasan ) Our Government is pursing Gun bans ect . So let it play out PFC Jimbob will not open fire on Uncle Billy when told to take his guns , PFC Goatherder will have no issue in shooting them both and doing as the Government tells him to . Chew on that idea longer .
  2. For the record , we didn't touch the Taliban's girlfriends
  3. Depends do you want to get lost or find a way around stuff ?
  4. Check Ammoseek.com for current
  5. IR -InfaRed PRC - when you say it you pronounce it this PRC= Prick E7= Rank
  6. Now do you want the US military version on this or the Canuk? Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) Environmental & Occupational Quals. Develop Management and Leadership Ability. Intermediate Leadership Program(ILP)
  7. Marine then went Army tabbed not scrolled But the unit I was in well Platoon Sgt was Ranger(scrolled ) SF and former Delta . We were training a unit for breaching a room they kept messing up and on a live fire shoot house I said here try this , Cracked the door and tossed a thermobaric grenade in and said thats how you clear a room I was in Iraq had no missions going the next day and a Marine unit asked our LT if he had someone that could rollout as they were a man short (sick ) . They asked who had the "club patch "ironed on inside of ACU blouse , Of course me and LT said well at least he speaks your terms LOL. I said sure . The Master Guns in charge asked if I wanted to drive or be gunner . LT yells hold up , he drives because he will shoot any damn thing that looks cross eyed at me . The Master Guns just laughed and said still a Marine . I ended up driving
  8. LOL Graf would do it for sure , was stationed there so ranges ect where there and down I ran the live shoot house for about a year . When we deployed they sent us to Honenfels just to make it different . We destroyed their OpFor they sent us home 5 days early and made the rest of company stay there to train .
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