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  1. EXPORT , 2A doesnt say a thing about Exporting . The Alphabet bois Dont want the competition of selling to overseas:)
  2. Real military IIFAK's do include TQ's also quick clot , I have used 3 TQ's on one soldier , The reason they are now seen more is 15 30 years ago a TQ was a belt or bandage and a stick , with the modern ones they are faster and hold better . The reason I brought it Up was I saw a post from AWR Hawkins about how to make a "Bug out bag " aka a Go bag It was laughable batteries solar charger etc. (posted below) , His "go bag is worthless and surprised it dent have a vibrator in it . Not one piece of First aide , no water ,no rations etc. Guess he thinks he can call and door dash McDonalds to his location . Many of us live in a rural location so not much chance of us seeing anything but Yes have a plan and if you have tactical stuff train with it and I mean all of it in all locations you can. Yeah I dent move like I once did but you learn also what yo can and cant do so you can avoid those situations Here's the mentioned video I see a lot of non essential comfort items that add weight to carry and have very limited use Dont be this guy I want ammo not a solar charger that he gets paid to grift
  3. Whats funny is not one single person said one thing about having a trauma first aid pack around , couple tourniquets ect . Hopefully you never need it but you could save someone else
  4. LOL I am speaking in general I know Montana well
  5. Same here but rifles do zero good when you get blown up
  6. I also must add your EDC ect will not matter it is not your enemies prefer weapon of choice , and will not be of any use .
  7. How do you like the Caniks ? Me just my FN's as far of the rest of the tactical stuff well I have better than most LEO's so no issue there however I will not click a trigger to save a liberal .
  8. This in addition to the Surefires I was issued deployed , I looked at the Streamlight TRL1-HL Weapon light its 1000 lumen a Olight Valkyrie has a high lumen of 1300 and thats if you get the Streamlight HL (high Lumen the standard TRL1 is 300 lumen thats a big difference. Cost TRL1-HL 150.00ish Valkyrie 80.00 bucks
  9. Just trying to bump this to page 666 . Meta must be giving these out like its Halloween lately .
  10. What you two do in your own time , is not my concern Matter of fact I dont even want to hear it
  11. Hey can you send me a photo of you to post ?
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