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  1. It also has lost how many Nukes 6 ???
  2. Well I did have this one Butterbar (actually a good one ) when I went back Army years later . He was born in Olongapo the year after i was there . We were BS'ing in the office when I asked when he was born and what town . So I stated well you could be , 2LT " Could be what ?" Me; My kid I was in Olongapo before then 2LT: Shut the heck up The whole room laughing
  3. This is just after the superbowl https://www.unilad.com/news/private-jets-las-vegas-super-bowl-flight-tracker-812185-20240216
  4. LOL , Well Never shaved deployed while with ODA's , we had a HumVee no armor with a seat mounted outside the Right front pax door , that our SSG would sit on a M240 in shorts and Vest and a base ball cap , That was at Fob Sykes (aka Tal Afar 2006 Worlds most deadliest city ) I was there 07-08 and across the road from our compound we had the Spook camp and had a hell of a targeter that deployment . Really just depends on title you worked under 10 ,32 and the all might title 50 Afghanistan most SEALS, Rangers or SF didnt shave , on bird 160 did off bird depended on who they worked with I will leave it at that since there are a few couch dwellers here that wanna talk crap . I did my job for all 8 years of deployments which pretty much a waste of time For todays America .
  5. Okay Then I was wrong I heard it was inside the stadium . Paying attention more to a more local deal in Sheridan Wyo. Squatter https://cowboystatedaily.com/2024/02/14/sheridan-armed-suspect-fled-barricade-police-caught-him/
  6. How many entrances or did he climb over that wall too ?
  7. Exactly so a LEO failure on a gun free area .
  8. Wrong Try illegal , Now the real question no one asked How was a rifle let in , in a secure area with LEO and Security all over ??
  9. During the surge he had a pulse , I was one of those that did back to back 15 month tours 35 days in between .
  10. No, sir I live close to a AF base, and to be honest anytime I have been screwed over by a vet they have always been AF including the one that stated to me " Your deployments aren't anything, I have had just as many I had 2 -30 day deployments to San Antonio ) yeah okay buddy 15 months in Afghanistan is just like your 30 days in San Antonio My distrust and dislike for the Air Farce is real .
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