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  1. Well the buttstock piece I highly doubt for the curve one drop it would be off the Grip sure why not I know I saw some full handguards and full stock a while back for a rifle but not a carbine
  2. Trial in Liberal SanteFe NM , trial will be a circus as its to appease some , found not guilty because of liberal Jury becuase guns kill people dont . There I said it thats my prediction , He will them push on how bad guns are.
  3. Ditto and then after all done they will do like 1883 and run all of it back to back
  4. Ask Austin he just closed the US Raytheon deal to send to Ukraine guess who gets his $$ from that you will pay to ship it many times meanwhile
  5. LOL I like watching Taylor when he is in a episode , Real cowboy , owns the Bosque ranch and in a partnership that owns the 6666 ranch is why you will see them promote beef sales ect For anyone that dont know on 1923 between cattle and nasty sheep farmers , besides being stupid . I they ruin the grass eat to ground killing it any grass they move over ruin it for cattle from the oil on their wool . nasty vile creatures
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