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  1. Larry Crow aka Misouri Cyclone in Arkansaw has done those, and teaches young gunsmiths how to do it,
  2. Zackerly. have 'em make one in .44 Russian. More power and center fire ta boot. then you can load with the Holy Black if you want, or that Heathen New Fangled stuff that is a passing fadd.
  3. in your Rifle? you may want to look for 41 colt ammo. that 41 short Colt ammo is made for the 41 DA 1877 aka thunder. it uses an outside lubed bullet. and the bullet is the same diameter as the outside of the case, much the same as a .22 lr. the .41 colt looks to be more like the .41 mag. I shoot my .41 1877 DA often, but it does use a heeled bullet, my 2 cents.
  4. for N.A.A. mini revolver. ladies stocking or a shoulder rig. would like to find one.
  5. Seven

    44-40 Vaqueros

    or a scammer wanting someone to make an offer....you send money and never get the Items.
  6. with those sites you can stretch your barrels.....I shoot my sharps at 500 meters for BPCR. and have hit the 1000 meter Buffalo. go on guys those guns and sights are for Medium and LONG range. fun to shoot, eject spent case and then hear the clang.....
  7. simular to a bayonet....if thier close enough to stab, thier close enough to shoot...
  8. OR, use a tang sight, marbles, MVA, or Lee Shaver and or original front sight, Globe, or Marbles. it's the way to set up sights for BPCR's midrange should work fine
  9. Load 'em the same as you would a 45-90. it also is an express round, case full of black powder, .410 card wad and 385 gr cast bullet.. never could put 90 gr. of black in the case, more like 73 gr. have fun it shoots a little faster and flatter than my 45-70, but is no replacement for it. shot my Elk with the 45-70 ten years ago. 63 gr. FFg. card wad, 500 gr cast lead, a measured 500 yards. 5x5 Bull. one shot. enjoy the old Boys! they still do the Job
  10. One more shout out for Sal Lanara....just sent him my 1877 .41 Colt it had a few internal problems, Sal looked it over called with a repair cost and repaired it then sent it back. All at a VERRRy reasonable cost. It is great fun to hear that old gun sing again. Sal does fine work, and I now have my 3rd shootable original Colt.
  11. anyone notice the Snow Snakes on the rear window......?
  12. I shoot .44 Russian in my replica 72 colts. Uberti clones marked .44 cal. and have shot .44 colt and .44 special in them as well. actually they shoot the .44 Russian more accuratly than the others. and are just as fun. have almost 500 rounds of brass, and use hallow base .44 colt bullets over 5 gr. claydot powder.
  13. never never trust a fart !
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