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  1. This is kinda what I’m thinking, I’m going to try it and see.
  2. Now, where dan I buy some at ? Everywhere ive looked at doesn’t have them. I’ve emailed dallas@theboombrothers and waiting for a reply.
  3. Not fighting anything, just trying to get it right the 1st time before I load up a bunch, wrong.
  4. Will a bullet lubed like this provide enough lube ?
  5. I have a bag of bullets that I got from Scarlet Darling for APP, will they be greasy enough for real BP ?
  6. I have 12 lbs of Swiss FFFg and need to load up some 45 Colt. I have Hi-Tek 200gr RNFP and 160gr. as well as Lubed 200gr RNFP. What’s your opinion of BP and the coated bullets ?
  7. I have 12 lbs of Swiss fffg, Holy Black. I have searched but not found what I’m looking for, I want grains not cc for 200gr and 160gr bullets for a good place to start.
  8. Your chart is just about right, I got my hands on a 38a and it’s dropping 48gr of fffg.
  9. I hand weighed the 60gr that I posted about, I went into production this morning to escape from all the Thanksgiving cooking going on in the house. I loaded up 25 for the next match with a MEC Jr I picked up recently, the biggest bushing that I had dropped right at 48gr so I added a .07” Nitro Card on top of the powder, a 1/2 Fiber Wad, 1oz of shot with an overshot chip. These should be just fine now I need to load up some 45 Colts.
  10. I have 12 lbs of Swiss fffg, Holy Black. I have searched everywhere and what little info I can find is vague at best. I loaded 4 for testing and they performed great. I guess what I’m asking does this load look good ? A Cheddite 209 primer, AA hull trimmed, 60gr of fffg, a fiber wad, 1 oz of shot, and over shot card and roll crimped. Am I missing anything, do I need to change anything ? BPI was out of Waxed Fiber Wads by the way.
  11. Does anyone have a MEC Bushing Chart for BP ? I have a MEC 600 JR that I will be using to load my BP Shotgun Shells. I have FFFg, fiber wads, nitro cards and over shot cards. Doing a Roll Crimp with 7/8oz shot. I plan to start around 40 gr of Schuetzen fffg, anyone have a starting place on the bushing I will need ? Thanks, Skullbone
  12. I really like these but I’d never get them tied on unless my wife was home
  13. Is there a particular wad that’s better for fffg Black Powder ? I have thousands of Claybuster 1oz, 7/8oz and 3/4oz and they seem to melt easily coating the inside of my barrels which in turn make cleaning a total PITA. I’m wanting to load a 1oz load. I have thousands of Old AA’s, AAHS and Remington STS Video is APP Skullbone Willie IMG_7271.mov
  14. I have 2, a 38 and 45. In my opinion they are fantastic, never had any problems. I’ve laid a short stroked 73 on top of mine and there’s almost no difference in the stroke length, Taylor might be a 1/8” longer.
  15. Cowboys and Cowgirls, The Memphis Gunslingers and Mississippi River Rangers are holding a celebration for the life of Sagebursh Jim who passed away on September 21st, 2023. October 29th @1:00 central time we will have a 4 stage shoot at MSSA Cowboy Range followed by a potluck social. Mid-South Sport Shooting Association Address: 9428 Old Brownsville Rd, Lakeland, TN 38002 If you plan to attend, please let me know your category, SASS number and the dish you are bringing. Thanks Pencil Pusher and Skullbone Willie — at Memphis Gunslingers.
  16. Love the pic, night shoot in the Hotel at the Memphis Gunslingers, my home club.
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