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  1. https://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/smith-maria-ann-13199?fbclid=IwAR11TUsUkv28QeRoAqBSjEoIjC0xgviS18HO8jpzoR_PbwOTvtSVQ-aO3Bo
  2. Yeah we had combos of screen doors AND the fly strips.......the strips were to help stop you walking the bastards inside on your shirt.
  3. Were these back door fly strips a thing in America? They were pretty ubiquitous here in Oz when I was a kid.
  4. I've mentioned this before. My Father was a Commando in New Guinea, he did his Commando training in Victoria at Wilsons Promontory where all the Australian Commando Units first did and they were first issued Thompson .45 'Tommy Guns'. When they were reissued with Owen guns after some time in New Guinea they didn't like them. The 9mm Owen didn't have the stopping power against Japs in Banzai charges like the great stopping power the Thompson .45 caliber submachine firing a 230gn slug had. The American GI's were fascinated with the Owens and were very happy to swap their Thompsons for the Owens and the Australian Commando's were happy to oblige the GI's. The Australian Commando's used both the stick magazine and the 50 round drum magazine on the Thompsons. My Dad turned 19 in the jungles of New Guinea.
  5. Think that's because most sets are metric and AF ??
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