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  1. My wife and I got our holsters, belts and shotgun belts just a little while back, mines a little (lot wider) than my wife's Took awhile to get made but worth it as the workmanship and the quality of the leather is just fantastic! Info on the artwork next to my wife Jenorado -
  2. Finally gotten the 'Cantina' that converts into a 'Saloon' after all shooting is completed finished on the range after being burnt out in the 2020 Bushfires. Taken a might effort! State Forestry donated about $20K of River Red gum timber for the rebuild a large hot water company donated a gas instant hot water service, we've had a fridge, coffee machine, Heart Defibrillator, carpet for the ULT & LT and a heap of other things donated as well......the community really got behind us a local sporting club devastated by the bushfire. State Government did the clean up for us after the fires that saved the club X amount of money.
  3. One of our members spent about 5 nights doing some great artwork on our range......gives such a great atmosphere and he's got plans for more!
  4. I just watched this and I learnt some things I didn't know -
  5. Those danged red coats and the Mother Country at least we don't sound too much Pommie anymore
  6. Undoubtedly polarising one way or the other!
  7. Try it first on buttered toast....don't go to heavy with the Vegemite to start with......work your way up to Serial killer.
  8. That's the only way I've ever eaten them.
  9. Next year the Winchester 1873 is 150 years old. As a home metal machinist it amazes me that they turned out the number of Winchesters daily that they did with the machinery and tooling available back then. Even the lighting (or lack of) that the machinists worked under amazes me. The pic below is a lot later than 1873, but shows to some extent the machinery being driven by an elaborate system of leather belts all off steam engines.
  10. Vegemite launching flavoured baked beans with SPC https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/vegemite-launching-flavoured-baked-beans-with-spc/news-story/fb517457ac99dd958853d8202fd3e8f6 Can't wait to try a tin of these!!!!
  11. Thanks very much Brazos John, much appreciated.
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