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  1. Deadwood never pretended to be any other than crooked crims.
  2. Thanks Flaco Joe, but they aren't exactly what I'm looking for, but appreciated.
  3. Thanks all.......this knife was on eBay....so its gotta' be a cheapy.
  4. Bruce got depressed one night and rang lifeline. He got through to a call centre in Afghanistan, and told them he felt suicidal. They got all excited and asked if he had a truck licence.
  5. Thanks SD for that great info. This one mentions that you cant rub the blade very much even with rough fabric because it can take the pattern off so I'd say its an etched one.
  6. With fella's my age that one day we were at school at it was Imperial and the next day we were at school Australia has changed over to Metric........yep And I put the 'tight' measurement with the addendum "not sure how much movement you have in them" as I know not a thing about them and was hoping someone would be able to educate on what size would best suit me by giving my exact wrist and forearm measurements, like a tailor would want.
  7. I'm looking at Damascus blades, never owned one before. What are they like to look after? Do they rust easy?
  8. When the other boys at school used to squirt super glue on the girls toilet seats, the firemen rescue team used to use nail polish remover to get their glued butts off
  9. Wog? That's an insulting name to call New Australians in Oz.
  10. LOL nope......just lost interest in hunting. Doesn't stop me being a meat eating carnivore though.
  11. Amazed at how many short and very well done cowboy films are available to watch on YT
  12. Most States in Australia the cops carry Glock 22's in .40S&W, there's rumours that they may be going back to 9mm as the lady cops and smaller framed cops (they dropped the police height & weight requirement) don't like the recoil of the 40s.
  13. LOL!!!!!...I want show any more pics of my workshop then
  14. Shot in there hundreds of thousands Deacon, you can buy kangaroo meat in most any supermarket. The majority of all dog food here is kangaroo. There are professional shooters who that's all they do, shoot roo's. There's also volunteers that will assist farmers and graziers to reduce their roo populations. I've shot thousands, but in the last 10 years lost all interesting killing things. There's more kangaroos in Australia now because of irrigation and feed than there was before Captain Cook discovered Australia, they don't succumb to natural droughts in their millions like they would have with out all the water and feed that they can now get so they produce greatly. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/hunting/volunteer-non-commercial-kangaroo-shooting We have a lot on our front lawn every evening. These are Eastern Grey's they don't get as big at the Red Kangaroos, but they still get pretty big and muscly, I wouldn't want to mess with a big one and they can kill and gut a dog in the blink of an eye if they get cornered. Front of our property.
  15. Thanks SD, that's going to be a must do as I'll lose them first time otherwise I reckon.
  16. Wanted to buy Roping Cuffs I'm in Australia, so a very long shot and a super slim chance I know, but if never asked, well you never know. Does anyone have any leather roping cuffs they want to part with and be willing to send to Australia? The measurement around my wrist with a tape measure tight is 22cm and 5" up from there its 30cm again with the tape measure tight, so not sure how much movement you have in them, they'd have to be bigger than those measurments to fit comfortably.
  17. A study has finally shown that people really do love dogs more than other humans https://www.businessinsider.com.au/humans-love-dogs-more-than-other-humans-2017-11?r=US&IR=T They wasted money on a study of that? Any dog owner could have answered that for 'em!
  18. I reckon they should market it on those fragrance things you hang from your rear view mirror
  19. Stretched them in a vice and fitted them.....bit fancy.....gonna' get some ribbin' the first time I wear these to the range
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