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  1. I can't help you with the scope, but hot diggigy darn I'd like a private berm at 400 yards!
  2. Just to balance so we don't get the woke folks upset.
  3. Thanks Wild Eagle, the top pair the white is cowhide with the hair on and they do look very nice. We have a big three day SASS Annual (32nd year) Last Posse shoot coming up this weekend at a club an hour up the highway and looking forward to camping at the range and competing and catching up with pards.
  4. Thanks @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L I've made two more of these for two new buckaroos at our club shootin' Wranglers, they work terrific mate.
  5. Thanks @Three Foot Johnson interesting read.
  6. New jingle bob spurs for my Two Sons and Grandson and two new pairs of boots.
  7. Hey guys how did my homemade banana pudding turn out?
  8. She's talkin' about her football team
  9. Whilst the parents were preoccupied, one of the kids went blind.
  10. Probably where your (U.S) bullet lead has come from at some stage before being recycled into projectiles. Absolutely amazing to watch and think "how did they come up with all the machinery and know how and the size of the underground mines". These workers contact with lead is pretty high compared to what bullet casters and bullet reloaders come in contact with. I wonder how their blood lead levels compared to ours.
  11. Eltham Barrel Victoria, German Restaurant.
  12. I have always hated Brussel sprouts, they are dirty, smelly, vial little stink bombs
  13. Were these concrete laundry tubs a thing in America?
  14. Tonight's Monte Walsh and tomorrow nights The Big Country.
  15. 'If' a Civil War was to break out in the U.S who would be in control of the nukes and looking out for Russia or China taking advantageous of such a situation?
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