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  1. Thanks Yul, couldn't have done it without the forementioned U.S pard sending me the file of the cylinder spacing with dots to centerpunch.
  2. Not sure what State these are made in, but they are now available in Australia. https://whiteriverenergetics.com/
  3. G'day Alpo These are lollies or (singular lolly) in Oz - These are what we call ice blocks - If they are 'milky' like chocolate, strawberry or banana they are called 'Paddle Pops' - We don't use the word 'candy' though its creeping into use with some of the younger generation.
  4. Sorry pards, yep more photos. Now our gun carts are hardly worthy of even having that moniker attached to them compared to Yul's handmade creations of art (and like a LOT of U.S pards Yul has corresponded with me for a couple of years on wheels and such sharing his knowledge and expertise and helping me out with plans ect and even offering to send me bits and pieces). Our gun carts continuously get added to, Jenorado's and mine now has 4 x Vaqueros, 2 x Uberti '73's, Winchester 9422, 12g Boito, 12g Huglu Hammer gun, .45-70 Sharps and a Bond Snake Slayer. As mentioned, over my time on the Wire I have has SO MUCH friendliness from U.S pards, its been an incredible experience. There has been a lot of packages going from Oz to the U.S and vice versa. The generosity and willingness of pards to help other pards in CAS is something that we have never experienced in any other shooting sports. Shooting at Aussie CAS matches everyone feels like family! The decals on the cart have all come from U.S pards generosity. Also a U.S pard made me up on their computer '6 dots' evenly spaced like a six shooters cylinder so I could use a punch to make drill start holes for putting the .38 brass shells in the circles drilled out on the cart. On my metal lathe I bored out the aluminium handles on my rifle and pistol squib brass rods and put 12g shells in the end. The cart(s) are always getting updated with something or other! I know we're in Oz, but we really feel like a part of a large international 'posse' and there's just NOBODY like cowboys and cowgirls!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If the U.S pard who so kindly made those photos above into the 'oil paintings' with a computer program a couple of years ago happens to see them in this thread. Could you please reach out to me? Unfortunately, cleaning out my forum email box I have lost your details.
  6. Its on our bucket list Yul, it would be the most amazing experience to travel and shoot at some clubs in the U.S and visit some small town "Western" museums.
  7. These were great but jeez they made the kitchen hot
  8. That cracked me up mate be great if you could make it down to the 31st Last Posse 3 day Shoot at Nowra in April Mohawk, I bet Squints would love to catch up with you and he's still got enough hair to scalp
  9. At my high school the canes (varying in thickness's) were kept on a rifle rack for the teacher to select. Public schools was on the palm of the hand, I went to a private school and it was bend over and touch your toes.....you got either 2, 4 or 6 cuts of the cane.
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