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  1. This is our Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) he, regardless of how a tablet is hidden in any type of food will eat whatever surrounds a tablet or what a tablet is in and leave/spit out said tablet
  2. This is our Australian Silky Terrier.....she is such a glutton she would jump through a flaming hoop for 1/4 of a grain of rice! She's no problem giving tablets too -
  3. I was walking late last night and on the road I saw a slice of cheese cake, an apple turnover and a slice of mud cake......I said to myself "Tonight the streets are strangely deserted".
  4. Watched the latest instalment last night.....damn its addictive crap.
  5. Parting hair and trying to apply it the stuff went everywhere! One of our dogs is such a glutton she loves the chews....our other dog I have to push them down his throat.
  6. Yep all our dogs are on them now. My vet used to joke (in the days before the chews) that he used to put some of the then liquid drops on the back of his neck....could never work out if he was serious or not.
  7. When the mouse plagues come out West (the ground literally moves with millions of mice) people try things like that to stop mice climbing up bed legs.
  8. Ticks are something that I've never gotten used to Eyesa...hate 'em, over here on the East Coast we have paralysis ticks that kill dogs and cats. They aren't great for humans either and will knock a horse or cow about badly. The native wildlife are immune to their poison.
  9. That thing in the shoe.....now that is scary to me We ALWAYS check our shoes for snakes and spiders.
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