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  1. An exceedingly rare event. Far more crocs are killed by drop bears.
  2. No capitalisations (I fixed the Z for you Alpo) for 'sheila' unless its a first name. i.e "We should go and introduce ourselves to that good lookin' bunch of sheila's over there"
  3. The last 4-5 years I've branched out from just collecting and working on miniature steam engines to miniature hit & miss engines as well. The hours of mods, machining parts and building the wooden base etc I have in this one is enormous -
  4. A lot of hit & miss engines suffered damage from water being left in them overnight in freezing weather. I do really like your fathers quote Linn "Oil field grade. Big and mean and hell for stout!"
  5. Linn is the above Ried a Hit & Miss engine? Ok forget the above questions......just read about them here, they are a very interesting and very different type of engine - https://www.gasenginemagazine.com/gas-engines/engines-a-z/reid-model-a-gas-engine/
  6. Thanks Calamity Kris, its a fun hobby.
  7. G'day Linn, PM Research has lots of good stuff for model engineers (and there's lots of other companies) here's a link to PM Research's fittings - https://pmmodelengines.com/pipe-fittings/?page=2 What I like about PM Research is that I can buy these unmachined brass casting trees below and cut them up and machine them up myself to the threads and pitch that I want. The only thing is, there's a lot of machining time in just one of those tiny parts....but it keeps me out of trouble
  8. Yeah....there's a question there ....WHY????
  9. Thanks Eyesa, they are fun things to lose myself with.
  10. G'day Dave....at the back of the boiler you would have seen that black cylinder that's mounted. That's a refillable gas tank. I'm using a Butane/Propane camping fuel 'Four Seasons' blend to refill it.
  11. Here's another Model Steam Engine from Wellsville NY USA that I have done some mods to, running off an Aussie made 4" copper boiler. Hope I'm not boring you pards with these vids -
  12. HMAS OTWAY Submarine in Holbrook NSW
  13. No problem using them in the 14 firearms I load for.
  14. Our minimum wage is over three (3) times that of the U.S And how much do you think it costs to send primers in a shipping container by sea from a port in the U.S 10,000 miles to a port in Australia and the trucking to get them to the port and out of the port?
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