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  1. They've done gone and twisted a good Twistie.
  2. Probably above my paygrade to make a meaningful one. But I have made attempts to make and use 'sort of' ones that 'sort of' show torque.
  3. Sounds like two projects just waiting in the wings
  4. Yep they have them running at shows down here as well. Lots of them got melted down in scrap metal drives in WWII to help the war effort.
  5. Not sure if many of you will know what a Hit & Miss engine is, they were a stop gap engine between steam engines and until more advanced and more powerful engines came about, they were made between around 1890 to sometime in the 1930's. I've spent a lot of time getting this model one running like this, thought some might enjoy watching it -
  6. The above will have any Aussie RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And its nearly September and that means Spring and these buggers nesting!
  7. Its lunchtime Thursday down here, just came in from my shed, made a cup of coffee grabbed two biscuits sat down at the computer and read what you wrote and nearly spray painted my monitor
  8. That's troubling that he would go to urgent care and ask for a pap smear and waste their time. He should have just been told to make an appointment with his therapist gynecologist.
  9. Flaky pastry Cream filled 50/50 in regards to sprinkled with sugar depending on the bakery Goes down nicely with a nicely brewed Twinings
  10. I wouldn't eat one that has myxomatosis......something they introduced to thin them out.....most are immune to it now though.
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