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  1. Thanks CC, I've had this coming up to 20 years and reloaded a gazillion rounds. I wish we down here were as lucky as our U.S pards in regards to Dillon refurbs. Dillon is good to us with parts - great company. I have often thought of getting that camming pin with the little roller, I have got the roller bearing index cam mod.
  2. Its presently not being made in Australia, which country is making this supply?
  3. Its presently not being made in Australia, which country is making this supply?
  4. BOTTOM DEODORANT A blonde woman walks into a chemist and asks the assistant for some bottom deodorant. The assistant, a little bemused, explains to the woman that they don't sell bottom deodorant, and never have. The blonde, unfazed, assures the lady behind the counter that she has been buying the stuff from here on a regular basis, and would like some more. The shop assistant thinks for a minute, knowing full well that they don't stock, or have ever sold, such an item. She smiles at the thick blonde pillock and says, " One moment please, I will get the chemist.” The chemist looks at the blonde and says, "Can I help you miss?” "I would like to buy some bottom deodorant please,” says the blonde. "I'm sorry, says the chemist, we don't have any.” "But I always get it here,” says the blonde. "Do you have the container it comes in?” the chemist asks. "Yes!” said the blonde, "I'll go home and get it.” She returns with the container and hands it to the chemist who looks at it and says to the her, "This is just a normal stick of under arm deodorant." The annoyed blonde snatches the container back and reads out loud from the container, "To apply, push up bottom.”
  5. Pushed an earbud through them soaked in alcohol when I cleaned the feeding tube some months ago, I was surprised how much yellow primer compound was attached to the earbuds.
  6. These are the primo kind - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitchener_bun
  7. https://eatlittlebird.com/cream-buns/#:~:text=If you're familiar with,simple but yet so delicious! https://www.womensweeklyfood.com.au/recipe/baking/cream-buns-3067/
  8. Did that a few months ago (first time in the nearly 20 years I've owned it) with Isopropyl alcohol and cotton balls and it very effectively cleaned off all the inside ring marks.
  9. Yes I'm presently loading 9mm. Never changed anything on the machine before (besides the normal quick change kit pieces) between 9mm and .38 but something is amiss now.
  10. All your first suggestions have been checked off, The manual is pretty slim on how to "Make sure your travel rod is adjusted the right length".
  11. I have an irritating problem that's started with my Dillon XL650, its started to drop a second shell that sometimes will be lying horizontal and they usually end up getting crushed or mangled if it stays upright as I'm resizing the case that's going up into the resizing die. Anyone got any hints on what to change/adjust so that it doesn't drop this second case (about 1 time out of 15 it's happening)?
  12. 1954 – Queen Elizabeth II plants a tree at the Australian War Memorial to mark the beginning of the Remembrance Driveway between Canberra and Sydney.
  13. A photograph taken between 1890 and 1914 shows the spoils of a snake hunt by the Murray River
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