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  1. Does she know the correct Aussie way of eating them? Nip a corner off two diagonal ends with your teeth and then put one end in a glass of milk and suck the milk up through the other nipped off end.....then eat.....heaven !!!!
  2. Yep even in the pic he looked pretty badly sunburned.......he'd had some sun! The UV index is off the charts.
  3. I know exactly how you feel, as kids we grew up with all these Christmas scenes and pictures and stories of a "White Christmas" ......instead we get scorching heatwaves. I can only imagine what Christmas must be like with eggnog, a crackling fireplace giving out warmth and snow piled up against the windows.
  4. Its Boxing Day here......so that means CHRISTMAS DAY for you all........... Have the bestest of days with your families !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. My youngest Grandchilds first Christmas photo with Santa (its a scan so colours a bit off).
  6. Some pics from an Aussie Christmas Day, bloody hot but the sun is starting to go down in the West.....still stinkin' hot though!
  7. Never eaten (or even seen) a pumkin pie, but do you have whipped cream with pumkin? And you Americans reckon Vegemite is weird
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