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  1. Hello all, Looking for used gun belt with two holsters for Ruger Vaqueros in 38/357. I am a bit of a portly fellow. I wear jeans in size 40. If no one has any used leather they want to part with open to suggestions of best place to go to get a good, well made starter gun rig setup. I can get something fancier down the road. Just working on getting the basics for now so I can get into some action. Thanks in advance all for looking and any ideas or advice.
  2. I got lucky and found a super nice guy on here that actually sold me on joining SASS. Just got lucky. Looked for a long time. I can relate to your frustration.
  3. I need some Cowboy Cartridges in 38 Special (125gr hi-tek coated bullet, new brass, Federal primer and 3 gr of Clean Shot by Shooters World) for new SASS member and shooter if you got any mam.
  4. Already got a line on a sweet cart, but thanks. What size waist was the belt on. Not really sure how to measure for that. Think the challenge at the moment will be finding powder and primers..... makes me sick when people triple and quadruple the price on stuff that is hard to find. Makes it darn near impossible for folks like me to get going.
  5. Hello all, New member here. Excited about getting into this as new hobby. Recently got my coach gun. Know the pistols and likely rifle I am getting. Open to suggestions, donations, or if anyone has anything they want to sell that I will need to get going let me know. Could use a lead on some affordable leather for my holsters and belt. I am also looking for some small pistol primers without getting my head knocked off. Trying to start reloading too. I got a press, and some dies. Now I need primers, powder, brass, and bullets. Starting with 9mm because I figur
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