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  1. HOWDY! Back in Town. Sent you a PM and a text to your number. THANKS!
  2. THANKS Y'ALL! PONY EXPRESS has the boxes. God willing, they are delivered within the next few days, weeks, years.
  3. I am going to pass on this one. I will let my immune system take care of it. I will not get tested either. Never get the flu shot too. I use to fly quite a bit. Stand in line, 6 feet apart. Then sit on a plane packed full of humans within inches of each other. Makes sense??? *** And statistically, airline attendants do not show a higher incidence of the virus. Hmmm? And I trust Dr. Seuss more than I trust Dr. Faux-C.
  4. Got TWO Gun Carts Looking for a New Home. Both were hand built and are in good shape. #1 - Metal Frame, wood construction with Ox Kart Type trunnion / wheels. A Real Eye Catcher. FREE! #2 - Oak construction, Large Wire Wheels, collapsible, removable oak box for ammo and other stuff. CHEAP! $50.00 to keep ya Honest. *** I am North of Dallas, Texas. In the backwoods at a place called "LUCAS". No shippin' Must pick up. Can meet up at Cabela's in Allen, . . . Home of the $65 Million High School Football Stadium.
  5. 38 Special Mostly Once - Fired by Me. Some Range Pick Up * 4,000 available. Your Choice of Either Brass or Nickel Plated. NICKEL IS GOOD TOO! $77.00 per 1,000 Shipped & Insured USPS Priority Mail *** At lease 50 extra included in case there are some that are not to your liking. Payment can be whatever is easiest for you. THANKS! 1 - Buckshot Bob - 1K brass - 9405503699300319314842 2 - Ozark Huckleberry - 1k brass - 9405503699300319650025 3 - Doc Marks - 1k brass - 9405
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