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    All things guns, Hunting, canoe / kayak, camping, Welding, Engineering, History, US costitution, sci fi fiction and fact, Art, Entrepreneurship, Texas, and Travel.

    Reloading, BP, and archery.

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About Me

Happy to get off my butt and play this sport with ya'll.


Motto: Nobody is coming to save you.

Act accordingly. 


USMC Infantry disabled vet.  Im house trained... so expect that I'm the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Till ya give me reason not to be nice. 


If you hurt yourself, I'll help treat ya. After that, I'm just there to see how big the swelling gets, and laugh with ya about it. 


I like adventure, rescues, and puzzles. I love all dogs. I LOVE tacos, BBQ, and Sour candy.


I support Law Enforcement, The Military, Veterans, our Constitutional Republic, and Individual liberty.


Contact me. I'M HELPFULL. 






214 901 6283




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