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  1. 35 inch octagonal barrel. Smith markings have M.C. Timmerman 1999 on it. Double triggers, and a good lock. Picked up this .50 cal Thompson center's? ( Logo on barrel is green mountain) So ... a whitlock like long range muzzle loader for $220 at the gunshow. Had some surface rust. Just fuzz. Lifted easily. Look at the double barrel wedges. And yes... there are barrel seat loops that align for them. Oddest rifle I've come acros this year. After I cleaned it up its in fine shape, and has good hammer alignment to nipple. Rifling is cris
  2. Pics clean. And yes... I mourn for the " case hardened" heirloom look, but Im looking forward the "Hardend criminal" sweat rust look even more. Nipples are soaking. .
  3. We're fond of :If you dont run your gear, your gear will run you. " Test, evaluate, adjust, and reassessment. As far as practice- only one range near me allows BP, but that range does not allow "from the holster use" So... I am stuck field testing from a clearing barrel, dummy shells, and saying pew... pew.... Not to mention ammo and cap shortage. Am I having fun? Puzzles, crafting, modifications, and costuming is entirely entertaining.
  4. TEQUILA - They need to ad an ax & knife throw mulligan for anyone using cap and ball revolvers. Misfires not counted if you land the 10 yard throw.
  5. CLUELESS- yeah -ejectors on H&Rs are nice, but this lil fold up 12 has it own charm befor and after I find a double. Pluss H&Rs are fetching $200 at the shows. Got a mosberg knock off WFIELD for $180, and its a double bar, 5 shot pump.... I'm gonna keep it simple stupid for shotguns. I have to try everything the wrong way seems like before I embrace the best way.
  6. Barleycorn blaspheme! Rugers, Remington, and LeMatt... taking away all the lovely confounding trials that made men hard and creative. Honestly. I'm lookin at a pair of New Army's after my first year, but I am determined to make smoke with these two horse hammers. 1873's in .357 if they ever get imprted again too...
  7. 87 was not a fit for me. Pics before cleanup of tested walkers, 18 rds each. No cap jams or misfires. after rake and chute.
  8. If it wasn't for bad luck - you'd have no luck... LoL. What went right?
  9. Third match range report. Warning : I'm grumpy. After that frustrating match... I went to war on my Walkers. Cap rake, (threaded and replaceable), Right side recoil shield / spent cap chutes, Done and tested in my clearing barrel. 4hrs start to tested. Looks better than I expected. Pics soon. Still gotta clean up. This weekends match saw the results of my divorce of the 1887 levergun 12ga ... Frikin gun made my giant thumbs bleed... had to go. ×Bought for $480. Sold for $560... win! Picked a
  10. Good advice. I NEED a hobby mill. Maybe i can use my diamond sharpener to pull material off my seat to make the hornady resizer bump the last of the case. Weekend projects. But for now fixt. This pig was taken Sunday with my canoe gun in .308... DPMS and it is far less picky about case dimensions. It eats anything.
  11. So I discovered my hornady resizing die was leaving a 5 thousands bell on the base of my 7mm08 brass. It was the cause of unfired cases being hard to extract when making the weapon safe. The weapon is a Aero Precision AR10 on 7mm08. Barrel is an old school Green Mountain melonited med HB. Groups are amazing, and its pure death to let the hammer fall on deer and pigs. Cases are a mix of ones Ive shot and 160 or so once fired cases aquired at venues. Of 240 rounds I had 30 or so that had this slight bell after being processed with the hornady 7mm08 dies
  12. Waiting for the thaw now. We made it thru well. On water storage: Towns north and south have boil orders on tap watter. Gas stations that had rolling blackouts froze their pumps. Even buckee's with diesel gensets broke down on day 3. We went yesterday to refill two 5 galon tanks at the kiosk at winco. 12 people in line. All containers sold out. So adding to our preps going forward. Double the storage capacity, the ability to efficiently boil 5 gallons, and a HV gravity filtration system. Turkey boiler rig
  13. It is amazing to me to read the begging, pleading, and denial coming out of the freshly built homeowners around me on social media. Everyone of em complaining, let their homes freeze up solid. I have sympathy and pitty, but this is the largest demonstration of how far afield people can get with a large wallet, and paying for problems to just be fixed without involving them selves. Burst pipes. Refused to deal with the reality they faced in the three to five day warning we had that this was going to be bad. "How do I turn off my water?"
  14. Lets talk preparedness. 2014 we saw this much ice and outages. My rural home had no power for 4 days. Pipes didn't freeze then, and we shelterd in place. Its 10° colder than that this time in N Texas, and this time is going to be a solid 5 full days of cold and no usefull grid power. (But I'm getting power for 1.5 hours every 12 this time:) And I know this time how bad my neighborhood roads are to get out on. Sinks are trickling to keep flowing, but were working off the plan we formed for that last emergency. I formed a plan, and got a good idea
  15. Where am i sending the PP funds on Thursday?
  16. Ill take them if they are still available on this Thurs. Payday.
  17. Just giving a mental nod to the chess players. The knight moves in and among the other pieces, but can play thru them.
  18. If those boat anchors fall out of my holsters, just keep shooting at whatever is chasing me.
  19. Well, things are going well for Gremlin and I. Our second match as members was alot of fun. Still shooting the BP cap and ball revolvers, a carbine 96, double barrel CG , and my 87 lever. Cap and ball vollys went far better than last time, but it rained and that started causing failures and mild reports. Calves foot on the walker hammers cleft helped flower the caps better. I have to remember to watch for, and tip to clear, caps that drop back into the hammer well. Nipples need a PM every cycle especialy in wet conditions. Capping well that was ground in
  20. Rusty is slick too. I'm mor a "Mr Finger" or "Calamity" team member. Im still laughing at finger's comment: "Calamity you'd bet get back from that campfire..... witches burn." He is my spirit animal.
  21. Yeah.... Im still figuring out my styles. And it feels "honest" to operate the walker one handed. Yes. It is slow, but.... it is satisfying.
  22. Cuz its not a race im gona win. I JUST WANNA MAKE SMOKE! LOL.
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