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  1. Thanks for that Barney....I fully intend to load BP cartridges per recommendations of filling the air space. I am curious as to the why. If you say 'It's really bad', well, that's good enough but I am curious as to the physics behind it. Any input on the powder and bullet weight question I have by any chance?
  2. Hello all....I have an Pietta 1858 Remington .44 with the Kisrt .45 LC conversion cylinder installed. Everything I have researched said I can use BP or smokeless rounds providing I keep things below 1000fps. I picked up Goex 3F but all the load data on the Goex web sight is for a 247gn lead bullet with 42 grns FF or a 255gn lead bullet with 40 grns FF. I purchased 180gn lead bullets and have a case of the Goex 3F.............................so....................can I load for this or do I have to scrap everything and get different powder and bullets? One o
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