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  1. Gee, folks! I didn't intend on starting a ruckus. I haven't shot in about 15 years. Things seem a lot more serious than way back when I started. Does anyone quote movie lines, grab a bag of money, or put a baby on the floor of the wagon before starting a stage anymore?
  2. If you had up to two minutes to acquire each target how often would you miss? LOL
  3. Thanks everyone! Y'all are great! I believe I can lay something out now. Special thanks to Hurricane Charley with TMM! Chief Rick, man what a resource! I will be sure not to humiliate the ram shooters when they don't get 2 minutes between each shot like they're used to!
  4. Speaks Easy


    Can anyone share a couple of simple scenarios? I am trying to encourage a couple of friends. I have a good gun range and plenty of steel targets. They don't seem to grasp the fun of the sport. So, I think that if I can replicate one or two stages here at the ranch they might understand that this is fun for fun's sake. They are silhouette shooters and don't think shooting can be fun if you miss occasionally . I tried to explain having to quote a line and got stares of "We may need to commit him."
  5. I have one of the last AWA Lightning made. I love it. But, it doesn't like reloads. It's accurate out past 80 yards and cycles good with factory ammo. I have thought about having the mouth of the chamber polished. I have an old Uberti '66 Yellow Boy that is a finicky eater also. Thought of polishing it also, though it is not the most accurate gun in the rack. Still it's fun as is the Lightning. I shoot a Marlin for comp. I am stuck on .45LC. Execept when I shoot .45-70.
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