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  1. Looking to pick up a 12 ga. bandolier. Wanting used and “broken in”.
  2. Looking for a complete Lee Carbide 38 Special loading dies. Anyone have a set they would be willing to part with?
  3. I’ll take # 7. How do you want paid? WD
  4. Howdy Brazos! Yes...they do grow big! We are originally from West Virginia and I am a 15 year coal miner myself (5th generation). Thanks for saying hello! WD
  5. Hello everyone! I’m looking to pick up one, maybe 2 pairs of trousers. The first (and most important) needs to be a size 38 waist. These are for my son and he’s 6 foot so length needs to be 34 or longer. Prefer lighter brown colors or saddle pantsbut will look at any. 2nd is a spare pair for myself. I need 44 waist and a 32/34 length. Looking specifically for black, gray, or charcoal. Also, if anyone has a set of stovepipe type of boots for a descent price in a 13 E I may be interested.
  6. Well...good question. I’m just getting going and this the dry seems a bit more cost effective for startup. Let me know if you are interested in selling it and how much you would ask. WD
  7. Just got started in reloading and I’m needing a tumbler. Anyone have one they would part with?
  8. Just ordered my first loading press, bullets from Scarlett, and federal primers. All I need is some brass. Anyone have some 45 Colt (LC) brass they’d be willing to part with?
  9. I’ve been waiting for a response from a pm for the same trousers for a couple of days. He may be away?
  10. Im looking to pick up a pair of boots for my classic cowboy look. Need a size 13. If anyone has a pair please let me know. Thanks WD
  11. you still have these? If so, what size waist are they and how much are you asking?
  12. I sent my email. Did you get it?
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