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  1. The WAC article turned out to be my rough draft. Here's the link to a more readable version on my website. https://www.parnelldefense.com/firearms/wa-magazine-ban/
  2. If anyone is wondering how to discuss this issue with your neighbor, coworker, etc., you might find this article helpful. https://www.parnelldefense.com/firearms/impact-i1639-semiautomatic-assault-rifles/ I wrote it a few years ago when Washington State decided to define semiautomatic rifles as assault weapons.
  3. Looking for a Winchester 97 (butt) stock. Doesn't need to be pretty. Gonna shorten it to try and get a more user-friendly LOP.
  4. A question came into my office yesterday about body armor laws/regulations and whether a Washingtonian with a felony conviction could lawfully purchase body armor. A quick internet search found several websites that purport to give the status of body armor laws in all 50 states. All but one website said the same inaccurate thing – “In Washington, anyone can purchase and use a bullet proof vest, unless he or she has been convicted of felony.” According to these websites, there is a blanket prohibition in Washington on all convicted felons. But none of these websites provide a reference/citation to the Revised Code of Washington; they all just seem to be quoting each other. I know of no Washington law regulating the purchase/possession of body armor by a convicted felon or anyone else. However, Federal law does prohibit VIOLENT felons from purchasing/possessing body armor (see 18 USC 931, see also definition of "crime of violence" in 18 USC 16). And, of course, this federal law applies to all states. So in Washington, if you've been convicted of a felony that is defined as a crime of violence, you cannot purchase/possess body armor (this is a lifetime prohibition). But there are lots of felonies that do not fall into the crime of violence category (e.g., theft, fraud, etc.). A large part of my practice is helping Washingtonians get their gun rights restored through the courts (DV convictions, and most class C & B felonies). And the federal government will honor Washington's restoration of firearm rights (permitting a NICS background check to go through) but, for whatever reason, the feds will not apply that restoration of firearm rights to their "crime of violence" body armor prohibition. To see this article in my BLOG, go here https://www.parnelldefense.com/firearms/body-armor-misinformation/
  5. There's a good interview here about that with Larry Keane from the National Sports Shooting Foundation (transcript of radio interview conducted today). https://www.glennbeck.com/radio/white-house-targets-ammunition-sales-with-insidious-plan
  6. The >10 round mag ban goes into effect on July 1 (sale of / purchase of / importation of / manufacture of / distribution of). I will not go into the intricacies of that new law here. Rather, I wish to point you to a trusted resource where you can learn about this latest infringement. Last month's edition of the WAC's Gun News has a good article written by editor Phil Shave on pages 3-4 (there's also a paragraph by Joe Waldron on page 5, and a bill run-down on pages 14-15). Here's the link if you do not have a copy of the April edition (the May issue is already out and has a Q&A on the bill on page 22, but you won't be able to see that edition on their website yet unless you're a member). https://washingtonarmscollectors.org/april-gunnews-2022/ I have submitted an article that I've been told will appear in the June edition that picks apart the official rationale (the codified reasoning) for the magazine ban. But my forthcoming article will not give you any details on how to comply with the new law. See the previously mentioned WAC articles for that. If you are not a member of the WAC (WA Arms Collectors), I recommend you go to their site and become one. Your membership gets you into their monthly gun shows for free and gets Gun News delivered to your home's mail box.
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