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  1. My family started out shooting trap. So I have loaded on lots of different reloaders. Started with a lee load all and a Mec 600jr (both were pre 1990 models conservatively) the lee got replaced by an early 90’s model 600jr. Moved up to a Hornady 366. Replaced a lot of parts on it through the years, and the primer system and shell plate advance had plenty of quirks but it worked. Bought a used older Ponness Warren 800C and thought we arrived in heaven! Had some of the newer model upgrades and man did it make ALOT of great reloads in fast hurry! It did not get a shell feeder, but was an option. Newest acquisition and resurrection is an older Dillion SL900 with auto shell feeder. It’s slick! i don’t remember all the Mec numbers of the few other Mec presses that have passed across Dad and I’s reloading table. Currently it has 5 on it the PW 800C, D SL900, D 550, Mec 600 jr, and another Mec. Also set u a RCBS The Grand for a neighbor that was nice. Every loader has its place, pros, and cons. My opinion the PW is the best and easiest progressive to learn on. It’s just flat out consistent and dependable and can see every station and every station only doing 1 action. The SL900 has fewer stations than the PW, so it does multiple actions in every station, and is A lot to watch and keep up with, especially for a beginner or someone who only loads a few boxes occasionally. It’s also very compact, so finger space when trying to adjust anything or fix an issue (usually caused by operator error) can be an issue along with line of sight to trouble shoot where the issue really is. However it is a super slick, fast, reliable reloader that does produce consistent quality reloads. This is my go to reloader now, mainly because of the shell feeder. The Mec lineup is great bunch of quality reloaders, but they are a least favorite of mine. They are the “work truck” base models of reloaders. They are stout and reliable, but fast and luxurious they aren’t. For low volume reloaders they are more affordable and simple to set up and use, without sacrificing reliability. For a person with simple needs who only loads a few boxes at at time/week/month I recommend a Mec, even a 600jr single stage (you move the shell through every stage and manually operate charge bar and wad guide) or maybe jump up to the manually indexed model of the 600jr (shell at each station, you manually rotate/advance the shells, still manually operate charge bar, wad guide, depending on model, some models got more automation) I can’t remember each model and their differences. If your like some smoothness and any sorta frills, step away from the Mec’s. If your average loading is 1 or more bags of shot at a time multiple times of the month the PW gets my vote and add a shell feeder for super frills, and super duper Cadillac frills you could add hydraulic drive! The D SL 900 with shell feeder is a tie for that vote though. The PW wins if you can’t deal with lots of simultaneous actions at a time in a compact package, even without the auto shell feeder. The RCBS The Grand reloader is an excellent mid range loader, but I think they quit making it unfortunately. Almost bought a new one but I lucked into the PW instead! The Hornady 366 would be a step above the Mec’s because of the automation, but my past experience says step over it. For me personally, the PW and D SL900 have made shotgun shell reloading a joy, instead of a dreaded chore.
  2. 12 ga 1 oz loads with Titegroup for trap 16.5-16.7 grn in a red AA Hull with pink claybuster wad works extremely well and is clean, and is pretty light feeling recoil in that sport. Works well for CAS also. I tried dropping down to 14 grn for CAS and it got dirty, and recoil seemed pretty similar to the higher load. So I just use that same load for both trap and CAS when using that powder. That’s Mom’s preferred trap load also when she shoots. 38 special with 125 grn FPTC coated bullets 3.2-3.4 Titegroup. My pistols and mixed headstamp brass seem work more consistently when I’m shooting for the 3.3 grn (drop varies from 3.2-3.4) verses trying to drop 3.0 grns (2.9-3.1 grn variation). Same load shot through pistols and rifle, plenty to take down both pistol and rifle knockdowns without any doubt.
  3. I can see it now Utah Bobs Outdoor Channel. A SASS Wire Saloon exclusive. Maybe even goin big time on the You Tube! Absolute best video opening I ever did see. Your a natural UB!
  4. Make America Great Again. Mostly noticed by the red hats that supporters of former President Trump, and likely candidate for president in 2024, wear to signify their support of him and his platform.
  5. This is a Great policy to have. In an oh crap situation, common sense and even good training is the first to leave the scene, especially with family and friends.
  6. I found 6 cases of LRLN for $115 a flat. Had lots of flavors of AA on hand, but not a ton overall. Had a pretty good assortment of Remington STS and very limited Nitros also. Remington does make some 2 1/2 dram 1 1/8 ounce loads rated at 1100 FPS. The Winchester LRLN are still softer.
  7. Welcome back UB. That salsa looks mighty tasty, no extra heat needed here.
  8. If ya don’t wanna, or can’t, get within range with that hand held sprayer get yourself a GOOD super soaker water gun and use the dawn solution. Works wonders!
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