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  1. With that, most any plastic bottle with a screw on cap will also replace the MEC bottles. Ever seen one with a 2 liter bottle filled with shot? I do not recommend that mod. Get the correct kit if you wanna put that much weight on top the loader. It’ll save you clean up time! No, I haven’t tried this mod either, but I saw it done. I was smarter and upgraded to a PW loader, and added a Dillon SL 900 for the shell feeder. Both hold 25 lbs of shot from the factory
  2. Loaded Ramshot Competition for years in 1 1/8 oz 12 ga shotshell for trap. Worked well for me. Wouldn’t hesitate to use it again
  3. The wildcard in your issue is that they worked for awhile in tuned form, then suddenly quit. However I saw on one new pair of NMV when lightened springs were installed that your exact issues started happening. Heavier springs, or stock springs, seemed to fix it. However it was just that heavier springs (slightly lighter than stock still worked) overcame the mechanical issue internally. What exact parts that was I don’t know, as the guns were sent off to a professional smith in the offseason to fix the machining/poor fit of certain parts.
  4. It’ll wash the taste of the Vegemite outta your mouth.
  5. I enjoy shooting a whole lot more being with those that are just having fun and are glad to shoot. I really don’t care how fast or slow you shoot, as long as your having fun and you feel you are safe. I have no problem lending a hand to anyone that needs it.
  6. Hey Buckshot, where’d ya get the fancy green projectiles from? I have been loading my 38 specials crimped in the lube grove for over a year now. I do make sure to crimp them good also.
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