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  1. I settled on 5.8 gr of 231 in the 45 Colt case behind the 200 gr cast Lee bullet in my 5.5" Model P and 1873 20" rifle . The rifle cuts one ragged hole at 50' and the pistol a bit bigger at 30'. Cases and bores are clean. I don't need to tumble the cases for the next loading. Similar groups in the Schofield case with 5.2 gr.
  2. New to this sport. I picked up a couple new Cimarrons in 44 Spec and 45 Colt. Both shoot low, especially the 44 at 8" at 30 feet. The 45 about 4". Both shoot right 1-2" with all loads, factory as well. Both group about an inch with the loads I decided on. I tried different ways to grip, all the same. I keep the front sight parallel with the top of the notch. Do I have the right sight picture? I heard about filing the front sight but want to hear from the experienced shooters first. What can I do about the windage? Thanks
  3. Mean Gene

    44 Special

    New to this sport and acquiring pistols and rifles. I have a lot of experience with the 44 Special but see that it doesn't seem to be as popular in the sport and not as many rifles and pistols in this caliber. Is there a reason why? Probably a dumb question but I would like to know the drawbacks before I invest in a Model P. I already have a Marlin in .44 mag round barrel bought when they first reintroduced Ballard rifling that accounted for a couple deer in Northern Michigan. I will load black powder. I shoot cast bullets as well. Would really appreciate input, thanks.
  4. I had a similar issue with CCI primers in my Shiloh Sharps, they have a hard cup. Switched to Federals and they worked perfect.
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